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Day 1 13 Years of Back Problems. Cautiously Optimistic.

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ndaaccount, Sep 30, 2021.

  1. ndaaccount

    ndaaccount Newcomer


    38/m. Have had back problems for 13 years. Last 5.5 have been 24/7 chronic pain. Neck, gastrointestinal, and mental health issues, also.

    Have tried everything I can think of; physical therapists, surgeons, rheumatologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, radiofrequency ablation (and other pain-preventing procedures), explorative procedures, etc. No diagnosis and no treatment that sticks.

    Originally came across the notion of TMS/Sarno through the book Back Sense. Didn't believe it, at the time, so left it half-read on my shelf. A couple of months ago, my new physical therapist decided to approach my condition from a reducing stress/reclaiming activities point of view. This triggered memory of the Back Sense book, which I read through asap. The rabbit hole eventually led to Dr. Sarno. I have seen his documentary and plan to read one or more of his books.

    This is actually Day 3 for me, but the first day I am doing the Structured Educational Program. I've been very angry the last couple of days, but have been determined to spend time doing more research, while also getting a start on journaling. I have developed an 11 page "Recover Plan" document, with info from this site and other resources. I'm sure that speaks to one of my personality traits.

    I believe that I have TMS, but I am afraid to confront my mental baggage. The list of potential repressed issues seems really long and I'm not too sure what is going to come up once I dig in. I will be brave and give it my all, though.

    Thankful for this website. Thank you to those who developed it and to those who contribute to it.


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