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Dr. Schubiner Understanding and Overcoming Fear

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Forest, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Abbo

    Abbo Well known member

    Hi SophieM, I have just returned from my TMS therapist and wanted to share this with you. After telling him of the fear that grips me most mornings he said the best thing to do is "penvent" it is similar to journaling but you write furiously about your feelings and keep writing about the fear and what you fear until you feel quite drained. I always feel more positive after seeing him as he has been a brilliant help to me. It appears what I am doing wrong is keeping TMS in my mind all the time by reading and researching it wondering if I have missed something in this "battle"nearly every minute of the day. This is my intensity and perfectionism coming out! This is what got me into all this trouble in the first place. I could not do anything my parenting, career, activities, friendships household chores etc without throwing my heart and soul into it. Anyway Sophie we will keep going and learn as we go. God Bless you
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  2. SophieM

    SophieM New Member

    Hi Abbo,
    Thank you for your message. I felt really touched that you write this to me. I a, starting penventing! I had a go yesterday and it felt good. I really identify with your comments about reading and researching constantly to make sure I haven't missed something, and that I am doing the best job I can to rid myself of this. I am trying to shift this so that I am not trying to get rid, but just learn about myself and allow anything to be present but it is very very difficult when you are sore! I had a few weeks without any pain and then I booked a trip and the pain reoccurred, it moved along to another part of my foot and has been really going for it. So I am back to trying to stay calm and feel my emotions and now I am pen venting too. Do you do that as well as journal?
    I feel much stronger knowing people like you are out there, going through this with me and offering support. So Hank you again
  3. Abbo

    Abbo Well known member

  4. Abbo

    Abbo Well known member

    Hi Sophie, it's me again! So pleased you think "penventing"may help you. My therapist is a firm believer in this and I agree with him. I had a lot of rage within me (which I did not realise) and I pen vented that out. The idea is you write fast and furiously and your rage, fear etc flows from your mind down through your arm and out then you scrunch up the paper (or shred it in my case) and throw it away. That's that! You can do it whenever you have these feelings.
    I have also been taught to meditate for ten-15 mins daily and to visualise my self being happy, healthy and pain free doing all the activities I enjoy. I have a CD of Dr Schubiner which I love to listen to twice a day. He encourages us to talk to our brain (self talk). He has a brilliant Blog which I found very helpful, addressing all sorts of queries we have and also videos explaining TMS. Believe me Sophie, I can identify with sore, I used to burn but it has now reduced to sore so I am seeing progress even though it is very slow and and in small increments.
    If I can be of any comfort to you please do not hesitate to ask. Keep your chin up, you will win through.
  5. Abbo

    Abbo Well known member

    Hi Sophie, just found this and thought it may help you too. tmswiki Georgie Oldfield Why you need to stop trying so hard. Abbo
  6. If 6 was 9

    If 6 was 9 Peer Supporter

    I was wondering why everyone was raving about Dr Schubiner's post above, it was only a couple of paragraphs....until I saw the click to expend link. Make sure you click on it to get the full text!
  7. Bodhigirl

    Bodhigirl Well known member

    I felt a rush of fear as I was drifting off to sleep, so I came onto our site and searched fear.
    Reading Dr Schibiner's words reminded me this is a neurological response... I get anxiety without thoughts, just my body remembering without my mind.
    I had a hell of a stressful day. A long stressful 2017 so far.
    I minimize it and then whoosh, I catastrophic and cry out that I am overwhelmed and burning out! I need more restless a vacation! Silence. Hours of silence!
    I a, a biological being craving balance and when out of balance, wham! ...fear, anxiety. Writing about it or talking about it helps.
    It's better now. I can sleep now. Fear has passed. Thanks, you all.

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