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The Presence Process - Share Experiences & Ask Questions

Discussion in 'Community Off Topic' started by BrianC, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    I would say that each person has to decide for their self what they think is the best thing to do. It's good to ask what other people think, of course, but ultimately, it's your decision.

    I can't go back to my childhood home. It's gone. But I never had a desire to go back so it doesn't really matter to me. My childhood wasn't really awful. It was okay. Some things about it were difficult, but not too bad.

    If you had a very abusive childhood and think you may have been abused and programmed by Satanists, it's probably not a good idea to go back to where you grew up. That could be a program inside your subconscious designed to bring you back to the people there who abused you so they can trigger you to kill yourself. I know that's dark, but that's the kind of thing that Satanists program into their child victims, sadly. I worked with many of them like that. So be careful and really consider if going back is the best thing for you. Maybe it is, I'm not sure. You'd know a lot better than I would.

    Let us know what you decide.
  2. Martinam

    Martinam New Member

    No, no I already returned during my 1st Process. I am here already there wasn't any decision to make, I was just wondering if someone has that experience. I also wonder If someone cure chronic pain here with TPP? I would like to hear experience, because I have now for 2 years pain on daily basis.

    I wanted to share something that just happened for the first time. During a day I normally do meditation with my energetic stones and m.music. Just now before sleep I tried to combine that with conscious 15 min breathing, just because:) and it was... I don't have a word for it. In public sharing of my Pp experience I shared last my 2nd week of 2nd round which was until now the darkest one, all details here-https://youtu.be/zlUhK6GrZMM
    But to focus now on this day while is still fresh. In this week I again head death. My old cat which was suffering for 3 months had some kind of attack and I needed to call the vet to put down for the first time some animal of ours. We have a lot of cats and 2 dogs for 17 years now. Yes, I am that crazy girl who is collecting hopeless animals and giving them shelter, but most of them are from the same family three. My first friend was a cat and one day he disappeared and I deeply care that as a trauma thinking that it's my fault I never got another cat or explanation where did he go etc. I remembered that Cleary today. That was when I had 3 years, i got the second cat when I got the cancer disease with age 15. Since then I am very bond to them. So today I cried unstoppable all day, first because of cat (I guess) but I cried so long, so frequently that I dont know if the cat is true reason. I exhausted myself. Here is 3 in the morning and I still can't sleep. I could stop crying while vet was here. She is gone I feel clearly that was the right decision. All these challenges that I am going through this Process I am taking surprisingly very positive on mental level. And few nice word I heard also today from other people, it was rare sunny day as well. But my body was like Ill, so the night came and I did my breathing as I told you and I got some physical sensations. For the first time like this. How to explain this on English... like cramps all over the body gradually. I have sciatica, so similar to that but in my face, lips,chest, hands, stoamch, legs and feet. Almost like chakras cleanin . and I was SHAKING! Few times I was scared that I will stay like that like some kind of attack, muscle disease, but mostly I just let go myself to see what will be until tbe end. Few times I felt like stone is on exact mentioned part of the body. I thought it might be connected with my energetic stone, but that was least important. I was watching on the watch couple of times and all together it last 1 hour!!! Wow! Mentally it seems less. I stopped few times but I tried to keep breathing until the end. I had a lot of time picture of cat from today here eyes and how she had attack for the first time today. Uh. I also had an imagen little me with my first cat.
    I am not sure WHAT this represents I can just guess, but I am focused on emotional part and physical. Physically, to compare with something familar was like reconnecting healing or tesla metamorfosis, if you ever tried just with those atacks=shaking. And it really started from head to feet. Madre mia, what an experience! Emotionally it was kind of nice. Suffering and cleaning or releasing in the same time. I wanted to shade while is fresh oh yes, also important think...I thought a lot about Death and people I once knew. But nothings sad about it. Death was so early and so often a part of my life that mentally became something so normal and nothing ugly about it, just I still dont say it like that to people. I got cancer as ALMOST adult and I knew a lot of friends who died, than I was 10 years active in cancer related work, a lot of deaths as well, my animal rescue thing brought also animal deaths everywhere, and of course deaths of cousins and similar. Maybe it was much less for so young age, when nobody was thinking about things like that I was really dealing with that. Maybe I REALLY integrate my emotional pressure 20200319_020243.jpg today. The time will tell...
  3. miffybunny

    miffybunny Beloved Grand Eagle

    I read the book but it way too convoluted and gimmicky for me. I got better and never meditated at all. It's great as a tool but not necessary to heal from chronic pain.
  4. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    Sometimes, people read Dr. Sarno's book or see one of his lectures and their chronic pain goes away. It happens because the part of the subconscious that's causing the pain basically drops the lie that's causing it to create pain (like self-punishment). It drops the lie because it hears something that disproves the lie, or it hears the truth and accepts it, which means it automatically drops the old belief (the lie). So the lie in the subconscious no longer causes it to produce the pain. Sorry, I'm being very vague, so it may not make sense.

    If you read TPP and then your chronic pain got better or went away, it's because something you read in TPP connected with your subconscious, correcting a lie. So that would actually mean the TPP book's information is what caused your healing. Or if you were reading TMS material when your pain went away, that could be what caused the pain to go away. Not sure what did it, but that's how it works, usually. As long as the part of the subconscious that's causing the pain is on the surface and believes the information your read, and the information is what it needs to hear, it will change that part of the subconscious, then it stops producing pain. I never read anything from Sarno saying he figured that part out. Hypnotherapist have, though.

    Hypnotherapists correct chronic pain all the time by correcting lies in the subconscious or programming in truths. My method does something very similar, but you do it yourself for free instead of going to a therapist.

    It's important to remember that TPP isn't about getting over your pain, even though that often happens after doing it maybe one, two, three times. The point of TPP is emotional healing and learning to enjoy pain. We want to be emotionally content in our lives so our emotions aren't controlling us. We want to feel content no matter what's happening in our life. It changed who we are and how we react to the world. People who used to annoy or hurt us emotionally before don't affect us anymore. We end up feeling just fine around them and in difficult situations, too. That way, we're not driven to do harmful or irrational things by our emotions. Instead, we response to our emotions in a healthy way.

    For instance, your message sounds a lot like you're putting TPP down, as if it was pointless for you to do since your pain went away, according to you, without TPP's help. I only see degradation in your message and no thankfulness of any kind. And it also seems like you're prideful because you didn't need TPP to get rid of your pain. But you have to understand that while the TMS forum is seeking to escape pain, TPP isn't. Sure, a person may start doing it to get rid of pain, but they often find that it's much more important to heal emotionally, because that allows a person to be happy and content even if their pain never goes away. But often, people's pain does go away during the process. Not necessarily the first time they do the process, though. And sometimes, it happens after doing the process.

    If you found TPP to be convoluted, my guess is that you didn't understand the concepts it was expressing. And that's okay. Some people don't pick up on them right away. It takes time and a lot of self-reflection and a lot of experience with one's emotions. Honestly, the book isn't convoluted so much as not well written. The author could have written more directly to make it easier to understand.

    Also, it's important to understand that if you didn't do the breathing meditation, you didn't do TPP at all. That's the heart of TPP. The whole point of stopping the mind is to allow the emotions to surface. The mind is our biggest coping mechanism. Once we stop it, along with everything else during meditation, our emotions start to surface. As they surface, we enjoy them and love them unconditionally, being thankful for them. Eventually, they'll integrate if we do that enough. Once they integrate, whatever unsavory behaviors they were causing in us will change. Sometimes, it may take integrating several parts of the subconscious to stop a behavior. Health issues are the same way. Sometimes it takes integrating one aspect of our subconscious and other times it takes integrating several parts.

    For example, I had candida for a year or so and instantly got rid of it by integrating some resentment I had toward myself. But I had another health issue that took months of integrating lots of old issues before it finally went away one day.

    I couldn't get my emotions to surface for processing before TPP. I tried all kinds of things. Nothing worked. TPP was the only thing that worked because it connects a person with their subconscious so they can unlock it and make modifications (kind of like what a hypnotherapist does, but a little bit different). So I implemented the breathing practice into my method to help people connect with their subconscious and to get emotions to surface. I do the correcting of the subconscious issues after they surface, and I do through pinpointing what the lie is and then correcting it with the truth. Then I let the emotions process out (requires a lot of tears, usually). Then I use music to help the integration occur. The order isn't always the same.

    Glad you got over your pain. Thanks for sharing!
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  5. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    I just now saw your message and it's pretty late. I'm about to head to bed, but I'll try to respond to your post tomorrow.
  6. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    If I had to guess, I'd say that you became desensitized to death at a young age. Desensitized means that it doesn't affect your emotions much anymore because you're repressing those emotions and you don't know it. It's your subconscious repressing them, actually, like a program that automatically takes that pain and stuffs it somewhere deep down so you don't feel it. My guess is that you cried all day because you were finally feeling the pain of loss from all of the deaths in your life. That's a very good thing to process. I would expect that you'd have many more days like that until all the loss is expressed, then that part of your subconscious will integrate. That's just my guess. I could be wrong.

    For me, luckily, the deaths I've had in my past were never people I was close to. I'm very happy for people when they die because they get to be with God and in perfect peace and happiness. But if it were someone I was really close to that died, it would hurt me to lose them, so I'd have to process my own loss.

    Glad you made some good progress!
  7. miffybunny

    miffybunny Beloved Grand Eagle

    "Only degradation in your post"?? A bit dramatic don't you think?? My brief comment was just my personal experience. If someone finds TPP helpful or the key to healing then more power to them. I personally do not enjoy meditating, nor did I find it necessary to heal. I found the book hard to digest as it overcomplicated things that are quite simple. The writing was horrendously wordy, pretentious and self indulgent. What can I say? It's not my cup of tea. I read Dr. Sarno's works and put the concepts into practice. It was a repetitive, banal process that required some patience but it worked. It wasn't mystical or complex. I simply followed Dr. Sarno's approach which is direct and no nonsense imo. I'm not sure where you are perceiving "pridefulness" in my comment? Projecting perhaps? I'm no "guru" or shaman... just an ordinary housewife. If I can get better literally anyone can. The accusation that I'm lacking thankfulness or gratitude is also deeply offensive. I would not be here trying to help others and pay it forward if I wasn't grateful. Everyone's journey is different but I see a lot of people overcomplicating matters and chasing different methods or "trying harder" or "doing more" when it's just not necessary. If the TPP worked for you that's wonderful, but I'm entitled to my opinion about an "approach" as well, without getting personally attacked.
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  8. Martinam

    Martinam New Member

    Thank you! I did feel loss each time and I mourned as well. I have my own idea what has representing but as I said, I dont need to analyse it what it is. I just described how it felt! :)
  9. Martinam

    Martinam New Member

    Thank you for the reply, I will check out Dr. Sarno approach I never heard about it/him.
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  10. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    Man, I hate posting online because of miscommunication. What I meant to say was that I got a sense from your post that seemed like you didn't like TPP and that you were prideful, like you didn't need it, but that you probably didn't actually mean it that way. My apologies. When I typed that this morning, I was in a hurry and interrupted three times, so my thought process got divided and unfinished.

    I was going to ask you if you meant it the way it sounded, because I figured you meant it a different way. I'm an author and I do the same thing sometimes. It just doesn't come out right or sounds complete different than what I really meant. Happens especially if I'm in a hurry or interrupted.

    TPP worked for me to a degree, but for some people it fully takes care of their issues. I'm too compartmentalized and my subconscious doesn't take to neuro-linguistic programming like TPP uses. So while it worked well for certain things, it didn't for others. It could only get me so far. People who aren't nearly as compartmentalized have better, quicker results. But it doesn't work for everyone. Some just can't bring themselves to sit and breathe for 15 minutes twice a day. The subconscious uses "staying busy" and movement and thinking all to keep issues repressed. So what I was saying is that you actually wouldn't know if it worked for you because you never actually did TPP. ;) Didn't mean that in a bad way. I just think it doesn't make any sense to comment on something you didn't actually do. You only read the book, but your comment in here sounded like what you were saying is, "You guys don't need to go through all this trouble. You can accomplish this stuff like I did with a lot less work." That's how it sounded, but I don't know I'd that's what you actually meant. Like I said, it's so easy to miscommunicate online. Maybe as the first post, I should've said that the thread is for people who have questions about TPP or are doing it and want to share their experiences. I've never seen someone who hasn't done it come in and comment like you did. It sounded like you resented the process. But it's easy to read meanings incorrectly online.
  11. Monicamu

    Monicamu New Member

    Hi Brian, I see you posted this forever ago, but I m gonna ask anyways. You say the second PP we do is when we address whatever the major addiction is. From your personal experience, would you say your 2nd round was tougher than the 1st or 3rd? I have done the PP once and I am thinking of doing a second round , but I dunno why I feel a little bit scared of jumping into it right now. I had a very good experience the first time and it actually helped me loads, but as I know all our experiences can be different each time, I am scared that this time I won't get that feeling of "completion" that some people experience. I've read you have done like 5 PP. Did you ever experience that even when you finish the PP and it was supposed to feel like you "completed" it, you were still facing all the hard emotions that are meant to be integrated? if you did, did it last for so much longer?. I don't even know where my fear is coming from this time, but I guess it might be better to wait until I feel ready. I am probably not ready for it yet as I m having this fear and doubts in me. Wondering if this is even a good time to do it - 2020 is been quite a year and the whole world is going trough a lot right now, maybe this is where my fear is coming from.. Thank you Bryan in advance!

  12. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    Thanks for the post!

    I can't tell you what to do, of course, but I can give my experience and opinion.

    If I have uncomfortable emotions on the surface, that's the perfect time for doing psychoemotional work. It means one of the parts of my subconscious can be worked with. If I avoid doing the emotional work, that part of me will become repressed again and I won't be able to work with it again and help it integrate until it's triggered or surfaces again. So not doing the emotional work would be a wasted opportunity. At least that's the way I look at it.

    Let's say you waited until these emotions subside to do a second PP. Then later, once the emotions are repressed again, you do TPP, and the emotions resurface to be dealt with. Would you stop your PP until it passes again? lol

    I'd say you're lucky that you already have fear surfaced. If I were in your position, I'd be excited that I have something to process and ready to work with it.

    When I did PPs, I was doing them back to back. Sometimes I made decent progress, sometimes not that much progress.

    In the first PP, I made the most progress. The others were fine, but not as strong as the first. But that's just me. One person in this thread did 3 PPs before he finally had emotions integrate. That's some amazing dedication, to see no progress and still continue on for so long. One woman did 2 PPs and felt like that was all she needed. Maybe she was right. Maybe not. No way to know. But that's what she decided was best for her, so that's good. It's as it should be.

    So each situation is different.

    The 5 PPs I did conditioned me to be able to do the process regularly. So when I was done, I just took the parts of the process I can do daily and continued doing those. The breathing and processing are the main things I continue from the process.

    You know what I noticed when I did my second PP? I felt like my emotions were apprehensive. Like they were bracing for another PP. Like repressed fear. It was odd. I still went through it hoping they'd process. I think they did eventually, but I have no idea how long it took. May have been well after that PP.

    You'll know what's best for you. But if fear is your deterrent, you might never do another PP, because your subconscious will realize that all it has to do each time you're going to do a PP is make you scared.

    TPP is all about not reacting to our emotions, not letting them drive us. So ask yourself, if world events weren't triggering your fear, would you do this second PP now?

    If you answer yes, then you know your fear is controlling you. Might be best to get that fear processed soon so it doesn't control you anymore. But that's just my opinion. You know yourself better than I do. You'll figure out what's best for you.

    Good luck! Looking forward to hear how things go.
  13. Monicamu

    Monicamu New Member

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me and giving me such a good advice Bryan.
    I super appreciate it and you have given me a lot of food for thought
    Best wishes to you
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  14. morreion

    morreion New Member

    Haven't been on this forum for a while, but am confronted with a big messenger.... yes the lockdown. now i'm confronted with feelings of being stuck, no control, no escaping, hopelessness. Maybe an ideal opportunity to feel all that.

    Yes i read all the possible variants of this situation, being it a hoax, seen the videos of people going to hospitals to show there's no activity. But besides that all, if this is all done done by the powers that be to push through their agenda and they have souls as well connected to all that is. Are they unknowingly then instrumental in helping humanity confronting their shadow?

    Any thoughts on what this all means from a bigger perspective?

    What are your personal experiences with this lockdown and what it does to you?

    Seems like people are put in pressure cooker inside their homes and forced to deal with emotions because they can't get out and have to deal with the people inside their homes.

    Is this leading to a big awakening?
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  15. emma jane

    emma jane Newcomer

    Hi brian.

    I experienced PP for 3 times.(full 10 weeks) It really helpful. I agree. but I think it takes toooo long....

    Have you ever read 'kit for emotional stability?' I just read this book. freaking awesome!

    This book helped me look at my own issues with more perspective and objectivity. I agree with the author and how there are a lot of self-help books that just tell that “you that you can do it” or “appreciate what you have” so on and so forth. Anyone could write those kinds of books that look all nice and pretty without anything that actually GIVES. But this book actually teaches you step by step what you need to do, especially how to relax your nerves and anxiety levels which was CRUCIAL for me. This is a must-read.
  16. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    Sorry for the delayed response! I didn't see the email notification for these new posts. I'm going to try to respond this weekend when I have some time.
  17. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    No problem! You, too!
  18. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    That's great to hear! I'll have to check out that book. I couldn't find it by that name. Here's what I found:

    From Me, to You: The Kit for Reaching Emotional Stability by Daniel Anderson

    Is that the book?

    A few years ago, a guy who teaches Kriya Meditation taught me a technique for sitting and relaxing all my muscles before meditating. So I relax all my muscles before I do my breathing in the morning now. I do the same thing if I wake up at night and can't immediately go back to sleep. I usually fall asleep really quickly when I do it. I really like the feeling of doing the breathing practice with all of my muscles relaxed. It seems to help my emotional issues surface.

    Let me know if that book I mentioned above is the right book. If it's not, could you give me a link to the book? I'd like to see how his method works. Who's the author?

    Yeah, TPP takes a while, but it's doing so because it's trying to condition you to daily shut down your mind so it stops repressing emotions by keeping busy. Once the mind is out of the way, the emotions are allowed to surface. And after a while, they feel safe enough and confident enough to surface because your heart (your subconscious) knows you've learned how to deal with the emotions.

    The major benefit of TPP is its ability to teach you how to let emotions surface and then teaches you how to deal with them when they surface. Those two things are extremely important. There are other things that are important, as well, but those are two of the more important things it teaches. Its teaching on how to unconditional love yourself and others is important, too.

    And since I haven't read the book you mentioned, I can't really analyze it to see if it's using a method that really gets down to the subconscious or if it's using a method that's just dealing with things at the surface level.

    Could you tell me some of the more important methods the book teaches so I can get an idea of how the guy's method works? If so, I can give my opinion on it. But I'll still try to read it, as well, so I can see how his method works and see how effective it is. It's always good to find new methods that give some useful tools/skills.

    Thanks so much!
  19. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    I'd say so! Definitely a great opportunity to deal with the emotions that are being triggered right now! I never let a good emotional trigger go to waste. :)

    If there are people who purposely let the coronavirus out, then yes, they are partly responsible for causing a lot of people to face some of their emotional issues. But if people don't know how to process emotions properly, they'll just distract to repress those emotions or let those emotions out in damaging ways. But certain people will be able to process their emotions that surface, whether they know how to or not, so that's good.

    I'll speak more to the nature of what's going on after I answer your other questions.

    Yeah, the world is changing very quickly. Most people probably think it's changing for the worse, but actually, it's changing for the better. But I'll discuss those things in a minute.

    You know, it's interesting--if I listen to news about what's going on and read up on things, it triggers parts of my subconscious. Those parts are angry, but always remember that if there's anger, it means there's fear beneath it and the anger is being used to control the fear. So it's triggering fear deep down in my from childhood, which is awesome! I LOVE when I get triggered like that because it gives me something new to work with and process eventually.

    However, after doing tons of research, I stopped a few days ago because I knew how it had been affecting my subconscious. It was doing two things to me--triggering fear and anger from childhood and keeping them repressed to a degree, too, which wasn't healthy. So I had to drop the things triggering me (the research/news/etc). News is literally designed to trigger fear in people to keep them watching.

    It triggered me enough to where I could then take the emotions and work with them. Had I stopped early on with my research, I wouldn't have gotten triggered enough. Had I kept going, I wouldn't have been able to process the emotions. I needed to stop the repressor (the research/news/etc) to be able to start dealing with the surfaced emotions. And sure enough, I started seeing integrations happen a day or two after I stopped all that stuff.

    For me and my family, the lockdown has been a fairly good thing. Lots of benefits for us. Other people in much worse situations, though, are probably really taking it hard. I feel for them.

    Well, in today's world, we have sooooo many coping mechanisms with our smartphones and computers and TV and books that we are never at risk of being bored. But boredom is what people really need so that the emotions surface. They will at least get some emotions triggered, though, by family and being at home so much and not accomplishing nearly as much, etc. But again, unless they know how to deal with them properly, most people won't be able to process them, like I mentioned above. Something useful, though, is that people will take all the emotions triggered during this pandemic and use them against the people responsible once the government is done investigating the people involved.

    Alright, now I'll address what's going on as best I can tell from the information I've found. Some of the info is factual, and some of it I'm having to theorize on from the evidence I've seen that could be interpreted in different ways.

    You are correct--the media is blowing this thing way out of proportion. I highly recommend watching the documentary called Out of Shadows on YouTube for free. Military Intelligence posted a link to it. If Military Intelligence is sharing it, it's important. It's probably one of the most important documentaries a person could watch right now, or maybe ever. It really shows you who's in control of the news media and Hollywood and it's pretty disturbing to think about just how much control they've had all these years. However, they're being whooped big time right now by Military Intelligence and Trump, who are working a specific plan to take these people down. Everything I just said is all factual and provable. I'll explain.

    Dr. Steve Pieczenic is the former Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of State under 5 conservative administrations, former Military Intelligence officer, a psychiatrist with mutiple PhDs, created the plan that took down Russia (and 7 other enemy nations) without a war, and is the person Tom Clancy modeled his character Jack Ryan after (Harrison Ford's character in Patriot Games, Air Force Once, and Clear and Present Danger, and Alec Baldwin in The Hunt for Red October--Pieczenik also helped him write the books). A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist called Pieczenik a genius in the field of [counter] terror and psy-ops. The guys is an amazing patriot. So he's one of the best sources you're going to get. He also exposed 9/11 as a false flag attack right from the beginning, and he was saying that Bin Laden died in 2003, I think it was (I saw the newspaper article talking about his death, as well), and that they were going to have a fake Bin Laden for as long as they wanted the war to go on, then they'd have a quick disposal of his corps. And that's exactly what happened. He's extremely knowledgable on false flag attacks.

    I watched him in the following interview explain how Military Intelligence, whom he was a part of, approached Trump in 2016, because the psych profile they did on him put him ahead of the other presidential candidates for someone who could actually win and would work well with Military intelligence's plan. So they approached him with the plan and he agreed to follow it. They said he was independently wealthy, so he couldn't be bought, he didn't like people controlling him, he wasn't a politician, and he taught at the Military Academy for a time when he was younger. I'm going to post one interview below, and it will give some of the info I just mentioned, but some of this info comes from another interview with him that I can't seem to find again for some reason. After Trump agreed to the plan, Pieczenik said Military Intelligence went to ten key states to stop the voter fraud in them in order to give Trump a more fair race. He said that after 9/11, Military Intelligence was ticked off because they were sending their men into special interest wars of the Clintons and Bushes that we had no business being in. He said it had been that way for a long time, but 9/11 was a big wake up call for the military. And as wars progressed over the years, they finally reached a tipping point.

    Pieczenik started that interview off by saying that it was all over for the Deep State the second Trump won the election. That's how confident they are that their plan will be successful. They've said they have everything on the Deep State and nothing can stop what's coming. The plan they developed was put through the National War College's power transition model software, which is always correct in predicting the outcome of power transitions. It gave them a 90-95% chance of success. So their plan is very good. While they have the playbook of the Deep State and even know the exact days that they're going to do certain things, they don't necessarily know who is going to do them or where. Sometimes they do, and they stop it. That happened in California a year or so ago when military helicopters landed in LA, I believe it was. They ran a quick operation there to stop a bioweapon. But when they can't stop one of the plots, they have to let it happen and then use the opportunity to show the public what's going on and then investigate it for everyone to see. That way, the news has to cover it. The news can't just skip over important things like federal investigations and major attacks.

    So no matter how scared you are, know that awesome things are happening right now. I'll explain some of those in a minute.

    With COVID-19, we know Dr. Fauci, as the head of the NIH, funded the research to create CoV14 in 2014. The medical journals say they were doing "gain of function" genetic modifications to the SARS virus backbone, adding HIV and MERS to it. Gain of function means increasing its lethality and its ability to spread. That project was lead by a female Chinese scientist. In 2015, we passed a law that outlawed gain of function research (modifying viruses to make them superviruses) in order to find cures for them. It was deemed too dangerous. That's exactly what these scientists were doing, but Fauci kept funding it anyway. They created the virus CoV14 and completed their research sometime in 2016, and the Chinese scientist went back to China. Well, wouldn't you know it, China eventually ends up with COVID-19 in 2019 and it's exactly like CoV14. The Chinese scientist had all she needed to recreate the experiment in China and apparently she did so. Also, scientists say that the virus cannot have naturally evolved in nature, so it had to have been created in a lab.

    In 2017 or 2018, I forget which, Fauci said that Trump WOULD face a pandemic during his presidency. I'm sorry, but that was just a stupid statement to make. He should've said Trump might face a pandemic during his presidency. The fact that he said Trump would face one is very suspect. Could've been a slip of the tongue, I suppose, but it's still very suspect when you look into Fauci. And keep in mind, Fauci only knew Trump would have a four year term and couldn't know if he'd have a second four year term, so Fauci was saying Trump would face an outbreak by 2020. Fauci was also heading the NIH back during the AIDS/HIV ordeal in the 80s, and Dr. Birx was all over that, too. Both have strong ties to Bill Gates. Also Fauci is friends with the director general of the W.H.O., Tedros Adhanom. Tedros is very cozy with China and it seems has been helping them develop in Africa. Tedros was Ethiopia's Minister of Healthy from 2005 - 2012 and their Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2012 - 2016. He comes from a very small tribe who hates the tribe who's the majority in Ethiopia. During 2005-2012 (or it may have been as late as 2016), he managed to deny children healthcare and do some pretty horrible things to the majority tribe in Ethiopia (I think they're called the Amara Tribe, but I forget). By the time he was done, around 11 million of the Amara had vanished from Ethiopia. No one knows what happened to them.

    Tedros Adhanom is a Marxist revolutionary and he's still listed as a terrorist in a few countries. Oh, and when he pushed people out of their homes in Africa, China came in and now owns that land. China is taking over in Africa. Also, since Tedros has headed the WHO, China has doubled their support to the tune of $46 million a year. And the WHO has been found to have been helping China cover up their outbreak according to Trump's tweets. He's defunded them and is investigating them. Trump banned travel on Jan 31st, shortly after we knew about Coronavirus, yet all of the Dems and the WHO and Fauci were saying that was a stupid, unnecessary move. Fauci, as late as Feb 28th, was saying that Coronavirus wasn't a threat to us in the US. Pelosi was in Chinatown saying, "Everyone come here. It's perfectly safe!" Yeah...

    Now, let's look at Bill Gates. Gates funds all of the companies who own all of the patents to all of the major viruses in the past 40 years. Those companies work to find cures for the viruses and haven't found them yet. They also make vaccines for the viruses, a big money maker. And scientists openly admit that vaccines are never tested on humans before they're administered. Bill Gates' vaccines have been banned from countries in Africa and from India. Africa said they'll no longer be guinea pigs for Gates' vaccines after all the damage they've caused. India had over 490k kids paralyzed from one of Gates' vaccines, and other horrible things happen. They're livid over all of this. Trump has Robert F. Kennedy Jr. investigating vaccines and he's dug up all of that and much more on Bill Gates. He hates him now. Bill Gates has said on many occasions that he loves the Georgia Guidestones. They have the 10 Commandments of the New World Order on them, the first of which is to keep the population of the world below 500 million. That's a HUGE reduction of people since we have over 7 billion right now. On Gates' original TedTalk, he said that vaccines will help us reduce the population! I saw that clip, and TedTalks edited it out, along with a few other little things he said, as well. That's awful peculiar, isn't it?

    The World Bank funded pandemic bonds not terribly long ago which would pay out to the countries who need them the most if a pandemic breaks out. Coronavirus is one of the pandemics that qualify from the bonds' list. So the government is investigating which countries the money went to and if it actually made it to where it was supposed to go in those countries to help prevent the spread of the virus (a lot of the time, money never gets to where it's supposed to go in those countries, and is instead basically a payout to Deep State players in those countries--that's where a lot of our foreign aid ends up). Before I forget, Trump said he's dropping the Gates/WHO/CDC predictive models for the virus and now going off the actual data. Why? Because the models have been so incredibly wrong, inflating the numbers like mad.

    If you listen to Gates talk about pandemics, he speaks of them in a fairly happy way, sadly, and he's talking about how they can make vaccines profitable. One of Birx's daughters is on the board of a company Gates' owns. One of the vaccine companies. Gates is creating a vaccine for COVID-19 that's going to have nanites in it that will know if a person has been vaccinated or not. A doctor can scan the nanites and know instantly. In China, they're running a predecessor to that program right now using cell phones. You have to have a smartphone in China, by law, and they know whether you've been diagnosed or tested for COVID-19, and the phone restricts where you can go. You won't be let into certain areas. You can be confined to your apartment and if you're caught on the streets, arrested. But that depends on where you are and what's going on. It's crazy how much control they're exerting over their people right now. And Gates wants to do that with everyone by way of his new vaccine that will come out in a year or so. He said he wants the entire world vaccinated by 2020, a while back, and here is, 2020, and look--Coronavirus! Gee, what a coincidence. Sounds kinda fishy to me.

    In 2008, a paper was put out either by scientists or the government quoting scientists (I forget which), and it warned that China would inevitably be ground zero for a pandemic because their scientists sell the lab animals to local markets for extra money on the side. They sell bats to the local markets, and the news claims that's where the Coronavirus came from, but they say it was naturally occurring. We know that's not true. The bats the scientists experiment on are in a cave 180 miles away, and those are not the bats sold to the street vendors nearby. Who knows how it got out, but it's looking more and more like it was accidentally released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (one of two Level 4 Bioweapons facilities in China). It may have been purposely released, which wouldn't surprise me. If that's the case, it was done for many reasons that would benefit the Deep State agenda, but that agenda will not succeed either way. But who knows how it got out. Hard to say for certain without solid evidence.

    Then there's the 5G issue at play. 5G is so high frequency that it's proven to cause the electrons in oxygen cells to spin, making it very difficult for the hemoglobin in the lungs to grab it. So that's most likely why people were falling over in the streets in Wuhan. Wuhan was the first city to roll out 5G. It's claimed in the news media that 5G towers are only running at their sub 6GHz frequencies, but we really have no idea if or when phone companies might be testing the higher frequencies or using them for extended periods of time. And at high frequency, we get radiation sickness occurring in lots of people. The cells start to produce toxins as a result of the millimeter waves and it takes time to build up in the body. About 6 months for symptoms to show up in the past when new wireless technology has rolled out. Radios were the first ones to roll out in 1918, which caused the Spanish Flu 6 months later. Then, with another major release of radar all over the world in WWII, we see more outbreaks of the flu around 6 months later. During Vietnam, we have another major rollout of satellites and other wireless technology, which again caused millions to die of a major flu outbreak. Heck, who knows if influenza even occurred before radios and other wireless technology. There have been some big 5G studies, two of which are definitely solid ones recorded in reputable medical journals. They say that 5G weakens the cell walls/membrane. This is important because COVID-19 isn't really that harmful because it has a lot of trouble getting into the cell walls. Once you turn 5G networks on at higher frequencies, it's weakening the cell walls, making it much easier for the virus to get into the cells and start replicating. All of the major outbreaks of Coronavirus happened in cities that have 5G technology, including the two cruise ships that were quarantined.

    Doctors are saying that the Health Department has sent down the order to change death certificates to COVID-19 as the cause of death for patients who die of other health issues as long as the person had COVID-19 but was not symptomatic. So the death toll numbers of all of the other MAJOR killers on the CDC's top ten list are dropping dramatically right now, and COVID-19s is very high. We're going to get to the end of this year and find out that Corona killed tons of people but all of the other serious health issues will be showing far fewer deaths. That's a total fraud.

    Everything I've stated so far is factual, except where I mentioned theories of what might be going on.

    So we have Birx, Fauci, Tedros Adhanom, and China all looking very cozy for some reason. They may very well be scheming something involving all of this. Who knows. Again, hard to say without solid evidence on this, but Trump's investigating them all, so it's all going to come out eventually if there was any foul play.

    Now, here's how the world is changing for the better.

    Trump nationalized the Federal Reserve Bank, completely stripping it of power. He now controls when they print money, and he's absorbing it into the Treasury. The world comes to us for loans now, not the Fed. It was a private bank before, owned by the richest families in the world who own all of the biggest companies in the world, including all the weapons manufacturers who sell to both sides during a war and make a killing off them. Also, wars cause inflation which also helps the bankers in our debt-based system. It was about to crash before Trump boosted it through the roof. Inflation had it boosted through the roof, too, though, and a huge bubble was about to pop before all of this coronavirus stuff happened. That just popped the bubble quicker is all. But the economy hasn't crashed! The economy is that strong. Pretty impressive since Obama said toward the end of his presidency that we would never see great numbers from the DOW again and there's nothing anyone could do about it. Well, Trump proved that wrong. He's set us up for a whole new system. He had us ready to transition before all of this happened, so this event just sped up the transition.

    The transition is back to the Gold Standard and back to the way it was before the Fed was created and scammed us for over a century. Federal income tax was created strictly to pay back the Fed. Now that the Fed will be gone, there won't be a need for the income tax. Trump has set us up for something called NESARA, it looks like. It's a sales tax that applies only to certain new products, and it covers all of the taxes we need to run the country. The tax isn't on typical everyday items like food and drinks. It's not on used items either. But it's an exceptionally good model, though, that eliminates all income tax. Pretty sweet deal. So companies wouldn't be paying half their employees' income taxes anymore and employees wouldn't pay their half either. That's a lot of extra money every year for everyone that'll go into the economy worldwide.

    Also, it looks like Trump is weighting down the Fed with insurmountable debt so that he can bankrupt it and then audit it for the first time in history so we can see all of the horrific things the bankers have been up to (and trust me when I say the world will be shocked). Once they're bankrupt, all debts to them are canceled. That will bring down inflation a good chunk. But when the Gold Standard is reinstated, that'll bring down inflation, as well. That's what the Gold Standard is good for--keeping inflation at the same level except during wars. It's incredible for the world economy. We have to go back to it now that the Fed is gone. There's one final step, though. Economists are now saying that Trump will have to institute a debt jubilee to keep the world economy from completely going under. And Trump has the power to do this, by law. He can forgive most of the debt of the country. That'll instantly reduce inflation like mad, so your money will go a lot farther (be worth a lot more, basically). Now, some of what I just said is speculation on what Trump is doing since he's set up the economy for this transition, but most of it is based on solid evidence. So the theory I presented is very likely accurate.

    I may have mentioned human trafficking and child sex trafficking in the past and how that's one of the big cash cows that funds the Deep State. Well, recently, there have been reports of kids being rescued from underground tunnels in New York and LA, supposedly, and some of them had been there their entire lives. Some were deformed and malnourished, etc. I won't say what they were likely being used for. I couldn't confirm that the reports were true before, but then someone asked Trump about human trafficking in one of the Coronavirus Task Force press conferences and he said we're saving thousands from human trafficking right now, most of them females (he didn't use a word that indicates an age range). So there really is a major operation going on right now to save these people from human traffickers. Since right after the national emergency was announced, I've seen multiple articles of mass arrests. Around 700 members of a major drug cartel were arrested, as well as many MS-13 gang members, both known Deep State players. MS-13 is who started all the riots when Trump was elected. And anyone who deals in drugs usually deals in human trafficking--they go hand in hand. They're HUGE money makers, and the CIA is very much involved in that. Not all CIA agents and divisions, but most of them. And if you watch the documentary I will post for you below, you'll see just how much influence the CIA has over Hollywood and the news media, of which 90% is owned by 6 companies. Also, the heads of the news stations just happen to be married to former members of the Obama administration. Gee, imagine that. Obama's mother was CIA, and Pieczenik says he has no doubt that Obama is CIA in some capacity. We also have Obama on video dressed as a Mulsim terrorist with a gun as a kid or young teen. It's suspected that his brother is going to post it sometime soon, but hard to say.

    Also, Trump was very good friends with JFK Jr. He vowed to find JFK Jr's murderer(s) and bring them to justice. He knew JFK Jr was murdered and we're pretty sure we know how it was done with his plane. Military Intelligence might have the evidence but I'm not certain about that. Well, just recently, all of JFKs grandkids made an odd video where they're all singing to the Kesha song Timber. Here are some of the words:

    It's going down, I'm yelling timber
    You better move, you better dance
    Let's make a night, you won't remember
    I'll be the one, you won't forget
    The bigger they are, the harder they fall

    In other words, they're probably singing that song because the Deep State is falling from power and therefore the people who killed their father and JFK Jr being brought to justice (it's going down, I'm yelling timber," etc). They put out the video not long before Barr served several grand jury subpoenas in DC. I'm speculating on why the JFK grandkids were singing, but if you saw the video and how they were each doing a small part of the song with no music, you start asking yourself, why on earth would they do that, because they're definitely not good at singing. LOL It was very cryptic, very interesting. I think Trump is doing what he set out to do and Military Intelligence created the plan to do it and is carrying it out. Trump's cut off virtually all of the funding of the Deep State now. It's impressive really. They're done.

    Also, keep one other thing in mind. We purchased bonds from the Federal Reserve Bank in 1919 at the Treaty of Versailles which are now worth $2 quadrillion. The Federal Reserve banking families are only worth $500 trillion, so they can't pay it back. Which means we can seize all, or most, of their assets. We seized $15 trillion from the Rothschilds a couple of years ago, but I don't think anything's been done with it yet. We also have an estimated $467 trillion in safekeeping in the Global Debt Facility that belongs to the entire world. It was set up around 1950 by Jose Rizal and Ferdinand Marcos to protect the investment for the world. I suspect Jose Rizal, the Jesuit General of the Jesuit Order, probably wanted to later get a government into power who could use that money against the people because, well, the Jesuit priest operatives are simply horrific. They've been thrown out and banned from several countries. Abraham Lincoln wrote in one of his letters that he'd evaded the Jesuits' assassination attempts three times so far. They got him at the Ford Theater. Also, the Jesuits have intermarried with the Federal Reserve banking families so that they can control the world's money. I won't go into what all I know about all of that. But these people are all going down. We can seize the assets of the Federal Reserve families once we audit them because they've done many things that qualify as traitorous. Trump signed an executive order in December of 2017, I think it was, or maybe 2018, that said if anyone is caught human trafficking or in traitorous activities toward the US, we can go into any country to get them and seize all of their assets for ourselves. We're getting that $500 trillion they're worth (much of which is in companies, meaning those biggest companies in the world the own would be sold off and we'd take the money). It's possible the $467 trillion supposedly in safekeeping has been slowly drained away in secret and used for black project technology production. We won't know until the "vaults" are opened (gold is hidden in hundreds of different sites in the Philipines).

    Nearly everything I've stated is factual. Very little was speculation/theory.

    So this is a very exciting time. I can't wait to see what happens!

    Here's the link to the interview I mentioned with Dr. Pieczenik where he talks about getting Trump on board with the plan:

    Here's the documentary I mentioned called Out of Shadows about the Hollywood, the news media, and the CIA's control over it--the former CIA officer in the video, Kevin Shipp, was very high up in the CIA and saw the incredible media manipulation firsthand and speaks about it in different interviews at length:

    Okay, done going down the rabbit hole now. We'll get back to strictly TPP stuff. I don't take these detours very often so that we don't get off-topic very long in this thread.
  20. morreion

    morreion New Member

    Hi Brian, haven't been here for a while since i didn't receive any notices through email that there was a response and plus didn't have a laptop anymore for a while. Anyway have been triggered a lot during the pandemic, like you predominantly, anger and fear. It's the lockdown and being locked up by authority, having no control and the ability to get out of it. Have really trouble staying present with the feelings being generated because it's, i feel, the core of the trauma is being triggered.

    Have strong feelings of depression, fear and anger. sometimes i can stay with it, but end up feeling wanting to end life. That is i feel due that during the traumatic experience i couldn't escape either and the only way i could is to dissociate and wanting to die, since that was the only escape possible then.

    I fall back on smoking cigarettes again if the feelings are getting to strong or my whole body cramps up, so i'm trying to stay more present and hopefully one day i be able to integrate the feelings.

    Anyway, interesting analysis of the corona crisis. I to feel there is an agenda behind it. Most rules don't even make sence if you look at it logically so that should make peoples eyes open up, but unfortunately people suffer from maybe normalcy bias and believe that people in power can't be that evil.

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