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Success Story? Maybe

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by Tms_joe, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Tms_joe

    Tms_joe Peer Supporter

    So I got focused on TMS as my problem with RSI around December of last year. It was a 3 yr old problem. I got rededicated after getting fired from a very high paying job that I “just couldn’t” lose. Too important. Too many things to pay for. Consequences were just too damning. In my mind it was an outcome I could not except, but I fucking hated it(language may stay this way.). It quite literally was the bane of my existence. Much to do with the anxiety I felt because that scenario created insecurities. The reality and how it played out was so far from what I had convinced myself of.

    It’s 10 months later. That lost job was right around the start of the holidays and effort prior to January were indeed wasted. Started a new job paying almost as much back in March. LOL. Maybe there is something to this outcome independence thing huh? I was wrong. I’d be wrong so many times during the unemployment stint.

    I got maybe a little obsessive with the TMS approach to the point it was hampering my efforts to let go, but I did progress gradually, but not linearly. I had pain go to my lower back that was INSANE and DECEPTIVE. I made a post on this. I sure was confused. It WAS TMS. That little bastard has shown himself a few more times when major progress was made. Had me doubting a couple times.

    I even have some pain in my shoulders now that is...strange. TMS? Seems likely.

    Oh yea, the RSI. 90% gone or so. Just little something to remind me of it I suppose now. Been weeks since a real flare up, but there’s no shred of doubt about its origins anymore.

    So beyond getting educated on this forum what worked? Let go of all forced outcomes even if it means life changes that seem unbearable. In fact especially if it feels that way. Toxic relationship? Move on. Hate where you live? Move. Hate your job? It’s just a fucking job. Means next to nothing. You won’t starve.

    Measuring progress? STOP! You can’t. In fact come to terms with the fact this is likely a lifelong problem. Swallow that pill and decide how you will proceed knowing this. I do believe I will deal with this problem the rest of my life. Hopefully it’s at a marginal level like now. Get busy living or get busy dying. Those are your choices.

    Cut out external influences on you. Advertising? Toxic. Negative people? Same.

    Get therapy. I did TMS therapy for a while, and it was helpful. Another person explaining what I had already taught myself, but in her words. I eventually connected the dots between TMS wiki and CBT. I’ve read a few books on the matter. It’s helped my mental state immensely. This wiki is scratching the surface there. The root of your problem is the way you react to uncomfortable things. Learn to be ok with being uncomfortable. We are not meant to be so pampered the way life is these days. Temporary discomfort is OK so don’t fight it. That directly relates to your TMS pain.

    I highly recommend the book by Mark Manson called the “Subtle are of not giving a Fuck.” Very helpful to me. I hope this post is helpful for someone else. I used to think about making a success story. It was a goal. Eventually I realized I was doing that to seek validation from others for my work put in. That held me back. I no longer need this. I just decided I’d like to help somebody.
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