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Nicola Jones’ recovery from CFS

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by Nicola J, May 4, 2015.

  1. Nicola J

    Nicola J New Member

    I was originally diagnosed with chronic fatigue 7 years ago when I experienced it for the first time. My GP referred me for endless tests and blood tests but they couldn’t get to the bottom of it and not knowing what to say, put it down to ‘depression’. I wasn’t depressed, I knew that. Despairing, I paid for an appointment with a top London private doctor who within a few appointments diagnosed CFS. He advised to take some light and regular walking exercise, and reduce stress levels, talk to a friend and ‘find some happiness’. I thought it odd advice from such a respected professional, little did I know just how important that advice was!

    I couldn’t afford to continue with private doctor appointments so off I went and tried to de-stress. I became a little bit better but still suffered daily on varying scales. Unfortunately a few years later, after having a child, the CFS reared its ugly head again and I crashed, which lasted for approx 2 years, robbing me of my early years with my new baby and putting huge pressure on my relationship with my partner. In addition, both of our Mums’ became terminally ill, my partners mum passed away, we’d moved house and had serious problems with a building project which had massive repercussions on us financially. We had no family support and I couldn’t cope, I felt like I was dying, and everything was falling apart around me. My partner didn’t understand and I felt totally isolated. I was referred to a CFS specialist which gave me a burst of hope - albeit short lived. After several consultations, all they offered was a prescription for pain relieving drugs. I couldn’t understand it and repeatedly asked them WHY I had this, what was the cause? I discussed with them that I didn’t think the drugs will help the cause of the problem and asked if there was any other alternative therapy they could suggest, being conventional medicine led, they drew a blank despite me trying to explain the kind of help I felt I needed. So I left, completely deflated and refusing to take the chemical filled drugs that would probably cause me more health issues down the line. I knew instinctively that there HAD to be something else, some other kind of treatment. Then after several months I accidentally stumbled across Honora Totman’s treatment programme which, was nothing short of my saviour.

    Honora offered a drug-free, alternative and holistic approach which I leapt on like no other. This process was also bolstered by Honora recommending a naturopath to support my mitochondria. I threw myself in to the programme 100% and was determined to get to the root cause of this and understand how and why this was happening to me. I was angry about how much of my life it had stolen from me and mustered up the last bit of energy I had to fight back. I WAS going to get my life back!

    I worked through a fully supported programme of psychotherapy, paper based and physical tasks and exercises. Honora was with me every step of the way.

    I’ve always been very sceptical of testimonials on websites as to how genuine they are or even if they have been written based on real life cases/individuals but I can guarantee that this is real, I am real and my account is real. I am living proof that THIS WORKS! I could not believe how quickly I started to feel better, not only was I feeling better within a couple of weeks, I was actually enjoying learning about it and the process - the relief just to finally talk to someone who actually had the time for me and who understood this condition was immense. Working through the programme, it was so easy to see how it all comes about and the causes that make you suffer, this knowledge together with the tools that I gained gave me so much confidence that I need never suffer with this again. Truly. It was nothing short of miraculous and I find it hard to get dragged down by anything now because I feel so lucky. I’ve been given my life back!! That’s a truly elative feeling.

    A year on and I feel totally free of this condition and could not feel better. To think just 12 months ago I’d all but given up, despairing, thinking there was no way out. I now understand why one of the top private London doctors did not prescribe me drugs, he was obviously a believer in this type of therapy and I wish there were more GP’s that did. I knew from just my initial in-depth assessment with Honora that this was the help I needed. Honora was amazing, patient, knowledgable and very supportive and what’s more, I know she will always be there should I ever need her support again, which although I feel 100% confident that I have the tools to never relapse again, sometimes it’s just comforting to know that you have someone in your corner, someone who understands this condition, and that you never need to feel isolated again.

    It is testament that not all successful remedies have to involve chemical drugs and thank goodness that these types of therapies are now becoming more widely known. I am proof that you can kick this condition, and if I did it with all the above on my plate at the same time, then this programme speaks for itself. If you are determined enough and are willing to believe in yourself and a more holistic approach, then you can get your life back too. Honora gave me the key to unlock the things that were causing me to suffer. I can’t praise her or this programme enough.
    Thank you Honora!

    Yours most gratefully,

    Nicola Jones

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  2. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Great recovery story! Thanks for sharing it.
  3. IrishSceptic

    IrishSceptic Podcast Visionary

    great story. wanted to ask one little question.
    ''I now understand why one of the top private London doctors did not prescribe me drugs, he was obviously a believer in this type of therapy''

    Did he refer you to that programme?

    I was annoyed when I visited a Rheumatologist £150 who pointed out there was nothing wrong with my back, my bloods were fine and then asked was I feeling depressed.
    Such a nonsensical question said I! in hindsight he may have been right, but I was not consciously aware of ANY feelings at all.

    The problem for the medical profession is that many intuitively know stress to be the main causative factor but there is no agreed strategy on treatment for these related disorders. add to that the ever growing list of 'conditions' driven by Pharma interests and you have a real recipe for disaster.
  4. Nicola J

    Nicola J New Member

    Hi, no he did not refer me, as I outlined in the story I was seeking help as I felt so isolated, which from what I have read is what a lot of sufferers feel. I had worked with Honora with an issue which is not related, not realising that this type of work was her speciality. the first step I did which she recommended was a Barnes test for 5 days - which is simple to do to work out if you have any adrenal depletion this is a great indicator to see how my mitochondria is working...this is one of the keys to diagnosing this exhausting disease.
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  5. IrishSceptic

    IrishSceptic Podcast Visionary

    So You have fully recovered in spite of the test showing mitochondrial dysfunction?
    That's interesting!
    It's incredible how many stumble on this TMS a thing by fluke or luck
  6. Nicola J

    Nicola J New Member

    Yes, I have fully recovered, my mitochodrial dysfunction has recovered with the help of the naturopath that was recommended by Honora, the two therapies dovetailed at the beginning I have written the information in the third paragraph above. For CFS /ME and most of the time Fibromyalgia patients cannot work with the TMS programme alone. Besides the chronic pain I suffered from exhaustion - days I could not even lift my head of the pillow, immense sugar cravings, brain fog, IBS, migraines, and a host of other conditions, the feeling of isolation is overwhelming. There are thought to be six phases to recovery with CFS/ME and if there has been no relapse/crash after 1 year from starting the therapy then you on are the home straights. However, I must always be mindful to listen to my body, making sure that I eat properly and rest sufficiently. A lot of what I have been doing over the year I will carry on doing...I love mindfulness and meditation, I have also an array of tools to use if I need to prop myself up occasionally.

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