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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Shai18, Mar 29, 2023.

  1. Shai18

    Shai18 Newcomer

    Several years ago I used Dr. Sarno's book to eliminate back. But I have suffered from idiopathic neuropathy ever since my wife had an affair 12 years ago. I drank a bit more then and so people thought it was that. But I looked it up and you have to be a serious alcoholic for that to happen. I've taken a million gabapintin for the pain and suffered quietly. Then, I thought, maybe I can make it go away with TMS. I've just started but it has been so therapeutic to relax, close my eyes, and think about all my anger and emotions during that time (which I have never done). It is premature to say so, but I believe I'm already experiencing some relief. I will work on this daily, but wanted to share this with anyone who has the same issue. I believe a poster named Dorado wrote something about it several years ago on this forum.
  2. Hi! I just stumbled upon this site after watching PainFreeAfterTenYears Youtube video.
    I'm suffering from neuropathy in my feet and legs ( and butt). I had spinal fusion and laminectomy a year ago after thirty years of on and off back spasms, which finally turned into chronic everyday problems walking and climbing stairs. Of course I wish I'd found this method decades ago, but I've found it now and I've read Healing Back Pain and am reading The Mindbody Prescription, as well as writing in the Mindbody Workbook by Dr. David Schecter. As I write this my feet started burning just bringing it up. I'm 73 and was feeling incredibly despondent. I heard about this method and I'm in 100%. I fit the profile perfectly, no pun intended. I wish you well in your journey, and perfect neuropathy free health in the near future. Feel free to communicate, as you're the only person I've found who is using the method for neuropathy. Truth be told I still have some nagging back pain, which the surgeon told me he could not guarantee would disappear. However it did allow me to walk as far as I want and climb stairs etc. I also have tinnitus and neck and shoulder pain that I'm trying to eliminate also. It's never too late to be pain free!
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  4. Shai18

    Shai18 Newcomer

  5. Shai18

    Shai18 Newcomer

    Good to hear from your Jazzman! I'm glad you are making progress and finding some relief. I guess we have to believe and focus on the issues and move forward. I tell you, I'm just excited to see the opportunity to make this happen and am prepared to work diligently. Best to you (and thank you Jan!)

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