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My mom's depression - fear of retirement.

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Ania, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. Ania

    Ania Peer Supporter

    long time I haven't written anything here.It is all good with me, zero backpain and no depression since many months, I am full of energy, doing everything, having plans fore the future - all is great!

    This time I need to ask for your advice reagarding another problem. This is about my mom.
    She is a 68 old midwife, and she planned to retire from the beginning of next month.
    She made this plan and decided the date many months ago, considered the decision carefully.
    She had plans some plans around it: planned two trips with her firends, one was suppose to happen in April ( so when she was still working), and second trip was planned for August (so beginning of her retirement). But Covid-19 came and ruined those plans. Also last months at work were heavy. She is really afraid of the virus (and my farther as well), to that extend that we haven't seen each other for a months, as they're afraid that me or my kids can bring them the virus. So, comming back to her work, last months she spend wearing masks, glases, vsior and also in this special white suit.
    Now, as her retirement is really close, she has very bad mood, no àppetite, she can't sleep as she wakes up during night with her heart pounding heavily.
    She likes her job and is full of worry, that she will have nothing to do, will meet no people, just spend whole days with my father (although she love him) and so on.
    She visited psychiatrist and he gave her some strong antidepressant, but she haven't started it yet, and asked me for an advice if she should go this way.
    She is in such a bas shape since about 4 weeks.
    I was afraid how is she going to manage during retirement as she has no hobbies, does not like reading books or gardening. But I haven't foreseen that it will be so bad.
    What can I advice her, how can I help?
    Maybe someone here has experienced the same?

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