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Dr. Zafirides Mind-Body Pain Syndromes: A Conversation With David Schechter, M.D.

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Peter Zafirides, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. Peter Zafirides

    Peter Zafirides Physician

    Hi Everyone,

    It was my honor and privilege to interview Dr. David Schechter for Episode 101 of The Healthy Mind podcast.

    Mind-Body Pain Syndromes: A Conversation With David Schechter
    (EDIT: Unfortunately, Dr. Zafirides' web sit was never resurrected. Continue below for some video links that might still be available)

    Dr. Schechter is one of the true TMS/PPD 'pioneers". Dr. Schechter was formally taught by Dr. Sarno at NYU. He was also one of the first individuals to publish research on TMS.

    While he has been a major influence in my professional career, it was Dr. Schechter's book (The Mind Body Workbook) and associated audio CD's that finally cured me of my TMS pain. I cannot begin to express the debt of gratitude I owe him.

    I hope you find the 60-minute interview helpful. It was a pure delight for me!!

    Dr. Z
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  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    This looks fantastic. I will watch it soon as I can get the time today.
  3. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Interesting talk Dr. Z I enjoyed it. It was a great fundamental overview; they always help ground people again.

    Is that you playing the intro on guitar?
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  4. Peter Zafirides

    Peter Zafirides Physician

    I hope you enjoy(ed) it, Walt. It was a blast for me to do!

  5. Peter Zafirides

    Peter Zafirides Physician


    Despite my '75 Fender Bronco and Spider Line 6 Amp, you still don't want to hear me playing. It is magnificently UNDERWHELMING!!


    - PZ
  6. Cap'n Spanky

    Cap'n Spanky Well known member

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to this! It was great to hear two very intelligent and knowledgeable healthcare professionals, with personal TMS experience, discussing all things TMS.

    Strange as it may seem, it was particularly gratifying to hear you express your frustration that these concepts are not more widely accepted by the medical profession and the general public, although things are improving. It was gratifying because I have had my life transformed by learning about TMS and reading Dr. Sarno's books. But whenever I tell people about it, they tend to look at me like I have two heads. I have one friend who is outright hostile when I bring it up. I've recommended it to several people in pain. While there was some initial interest, to my knowledge, no one has taken it to heart. I don't even mention it to my father-in-law (who literally can't get out of his chair because of chronic back pain) because I know it'll fall on deaf ears. Anyway... I digress.

    I really liked the podcast and look forward to listening to others. Thank you so much for creating it!
  7. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    I enjoyed the interview, as well.

    I liked Dr. Schecter's description of the 'seesaw effect' of depression/anxiety and TMS pain. I have experienced this phenomenon where as my pain dissipates, depression increases and vice versa. I know the explanation given for it is that it is the symptom imperative at work. But this inverse relationship appears to be more prevalent for TMS pain and the TMS equivalent of depression/anxiety, than for other TMS equivalents.
  8. cax

    cax New Member

    When checking thehealthymind.com, looks like the account has been suspended. Does anyone know of another audio source of the interview?
  9. Peter Zafirides

    Peter Zafirides Physician

    Hi Everyone,

    I took The Healthy Mind down recently. My site got hacked about 7-8 months ago and despite many retrofitting attempt to correct the damages, it keeps going down.

    I reviewed the options and have decided to redo the site from the ground up. I will be returning to the podcasts. The frequency of episodes will likely not be weekly, but I am working to secure a producer/sound designer to assist me. I was writing, recording and post producing all episodes previously. Our three children are now 6, 4 & 3 and I have just not been able to commit enough time to consistently make shows I can be both happy with and proud of.

    Thanks to all of you for your understanding and constant support of The Healthy Mind. It will be back!

    Dr. Z
    Last edited: May 10, 2015
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  10. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi All

    My apologies if this has already been posted. Dr David Schechter interviewed by Dr Peter Zafirides. It's rather lengthy, but worth listening to.

    Last edited: Jan 6, 2016
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  11. Dexy

    Dexy Peer Supporter

    This is great, thank you
    mike2014 likes this.
  12. Bodhigirl

    Bodhigirl Well known member

    I do not see anywhere else to see the interview where the seesaw effect of TMS and depression/anxiety is discussed the Schecter. Anyone have a lead? What a shame the site was hacked. )-:
  13. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi @Bodhigirl (and everyone),

    To answer Bodhigirl's question, I've merged two different conversations into one. The first conversational thread, started by Dr. Zafirides himself, ended with @Bodhigirl disappointed that she couldn't listen to the interview because Dr. Z's own site had been hacked. Luckily, @mike2014 has been generously sharing some of his bookmarks with us and started a second conversational thread in which he posted four videos with the exact same interview. Mike didn't know that there was already a thread about the interview, but through the magic of forum administration, I have combined the threads and all is good in the world once again. :)

    The bottom line, Bodhigirl, is that you can listen to the full interviews by playing that four YouTube videos that mike posted several posts up.
  14. Bodhigirl

    Bodhigirl Well known member

    Thanks you so much! Could not have come at a more perfect moment for me. Struggling with grief that keeps flipping to depression/anxiety/pain/depression/anxiety - WAVES OF ANXIETY to huge sobbing of genuine grief. So many losses close together would challenge anybody, yet I think I am entitled to surf the whole thing. Almost silly because when I make room for the grief, well, I feel so much relief and even peace.
    Grateful to you.

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