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Looking for advice/Help

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Marvel_bro, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Marvel_bro

    Marvel_bro Newcomer

    So my symptoms started 6 months ago which I attributed to going hard in the gym, weight lifting. I started to get itching/burning all over my genitals, groin and anal area. I would have horrific burning especially when I would be sitting down all over my sitting area as if on fire. I figured it was jock itch...went to my pcp, derm - they gave me creams, pills, nothing was helping and I had nothing visually on my skin they could detect. Fastforward a few month after onset I developed new symptoms. Hesitancy with urination, weak stream, extreme hypersensitive/nervy feeling in my groan/ anal area. At this point I started using a cushion to sit as it was uncomfortable. I got a standing desk at work. I went to see a pelvic floor physical therapist who diagnosed me with pudendal neuralgia. After reading things online I went into a deep depression. Lately I have been having additional symptoms which am attributing to the stress of all this. I am having TMJ symptoms, sore jaw, sensitivity to sound - recently developed tinnitus in my left ear, anxiety/depression. Side note- I’ve had IBS for over 10 years and my stomach has also been a mess lately. Broke out in a rash that looks like folliculitis all over the trunk of my body. I feel like I am falling apart. I am working with a bunch of different doctors trying to piece together what happened to me. As far as my personality I am hightly anxious, perfectionist, caretaker. I have been taking care of my ill parents since 2017 now I feel like I can barely function myself. I felt like my life was going really well when symptoms started so I keep going back and forth on this being TMS or physical. Looking for any advice, suggestions or guidance from you guys.
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi @Marvel_bro and welcome. Lots of apparently unrelated symptoms that come and go and which are a mystery to the traditional medical community are certainly very characteristic of the mindbody syndrome we call TMS. You don't mention how much you know so far about TMS. Have you read The Divided Mind, by Dr. Sarno? I recommend it because it was his last book, and the chapters written by other health professionals (five doctors and a therapist) take his theories farther, making it clear that TMS is a lot more than back pain, which is what Dr. Sarno was originally best known for. The MindBody Prescription is also recommended for starting to address the many TMS equivalents.

    The reference to being a caretaker reminds me that Dr. Gabor Mate, MD has addressed "caretaker syndrome" and its devastating effect on the mental and physical health of the caretaker. His take on the source of chronic symptoms and even serious conditions is even more radical than Dr. Sarno. My third favorite book (after The Divided Mind and Hope & Help for Your Nerves) is his book When The Body Says No.

    I suggest that you start reading at least one or two (depending on length) stories in our Success Stories subforum every day to get an idea of just how wide-ranging TMS symptoms can be - and to be inspired by the success that people have had in addressing them with mindbody awareness and techniques.

    You can learn how to apply those techniques by starting the free Structured Educational Program. It's easy to just start doing it - there's no signup, no cost, and technically no commitment - but if you are serious about getting your life back, the commitment you need to make is to yourself, in spite of what your fearful brain will try to tell you - and it will try to fight against this, believe me!

    You've already taken the first step by being here - at this point, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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