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Audio Interview with Peter Levine on Somatic Experiencing

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Ellen, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    This is a great interview with Peter Levine by Alanis Morissette (yes, the singer/songwriter). She has a wonderful podcast, and I've enjoyed listening to them all (most are on relationship/connection). But this one seems like something people on this Forum will enjoy.

    http://alanis.com/podcasts/ (Alanis Morissette Podcast)
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  2. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Ellen, I listened to this podcast earlier this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's definitely one that deserves listening. I was actually quite unfamiliar with his work until now, so thanks for posting.

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