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How I beat severe vertigo, dizziness and depersonalization

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by CarboNeVo, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. CarboNeVo

    CarboNeVo Peer Supporter

    A couple of weeks back I went through the worst incident probably in my entire life;
    I was at a party from work, lots of alcohol, weed and even heavier drugs..
    I hadnt smoked weed for maybe 10 years, but decided to give it a try and most likely I had over done it... within 15 minutes I experienced a full blown panic attack and extreme paranoia, literally thought everyone in that room is gonna stab me to death. For a while I felt like I died, really hard to describe the insane feeling. Also, that was abroad on a project away from home, so this added to the misery, the high lasted all night.
    I literally felt like trapped in some other dimension in a body that died, freaking crazy.
    After that night I developed severe vertigo, dizziness and worst of all the feeling like I am trapped in a different dimension did not go away now a week after the incident. I couldnt walk properly, perform at work, sleep, lost weight and became depressed. For a while I thought I fucked up some neurons in my brain and Im done for good. This has taken weeks now and no improvement.
    I suspected this might be some crazy TMS symptom imperative but due to the incident and how it related to it I did not much believe it.
    Needless to say, after googling like a manic I found a couple of threads on reddit and even youtube videos about people going through the same, I learned that the insane feeling is called depersonalization and some people can get it after getting high on weed. That helped ease the anxiety a bit. I also found some threads on this site of people who had vertigo as a tms symptom, howard schubiner talked about it as well.
    So how I recovered?
    I simply stopped looking for a solution. I completely stopped googling, thinking about it or giving it any attention. Whenever a thought about the crazy incident would pop up I would shift my attention away. I still had bad dizziness and depersonalization, but I stopped buying into it and tried to continue functioning just like before I developed it. Without even realizing it gradually just disappeared, now I am totally back to normal.
    In other words, I genuinely applied the concept of outcome independence :)
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