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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by creasybear, Dec 31, 2022.

  1. creasybear

    creasybear New Member

    I have CRPS that has spread throughout my entire body in a matter of eight months. I also have severe small fiber neuropathy that was caused by Cipro Floxin toxicity. Does this method help with CRPS and small fiber neuropathy? I'm very familiar with Tms I've read all of Dr. Santos books prior to having CRPS I had a horrible fibromyalgia along with severe degenerative disc disease in my neck and other chronic pain. But right now my biggest fish to fry is this CRPS it literally is the suicide disease. Can Alan or one of the doctors please respond to my thread and let me know if this works for CRPS and if so have they worked with any CRPS patients and got them into remission
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

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  3. creasybear

    creasybear New Member

    thank you so much for the advice.
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  4. creasybear

    creasybear New Member

  5. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    First of all, you need to know that CRPS is TMS. It is a very severe case of TMS, but the process of healing is the same as for other forms of TMS, except it may take much longer, due to the severity of the condition. You can start by following @Cactusflower 's advice and visit our website.

    Rita is a very experienced TMS coach, she is working with many CRPS patients. You can also check out my book on how to recover from CRPS https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0834Q46SM

    Feel free to ask questions, and best of luck to you!

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