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Back Pain Cured, Neck pain processing...

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by HFT, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. HFT

    HFT Newcomer

    I don't have much time, so my Story will be a bit short, I will tell more if you're interested, but right now i feel like i'm "obliged" to post my story, as reading others helped me a lot.

    Onset of pain :
    2012: Neck.
    I was tough and didn't listen my body a lot, so I kept going with my sports and so on.
    Don't know how this happened. Maybe a bike fall 4-6 month before. (ha ha ha !)

    2013 : Neck and arm.
    Stopped Sport. Passed a MRI. Found something (Of course !!!)

    2014 : Back pain + Sciatica
    Building a IKEA bed, plus some work at home
    MRI : "slightly" positive (ha ha ha !)

    Tried the TMS approach, but i'm too much scientific for it to work.
    I did agree with most of the theory, but the lack of real scientific studies, plus the remaining doubt linked with any theory in a scientific mind made me think "why not, that's interesting and "maybe" the real cause of my pain.

    I did embrass the inflammation theory, and started a no gluten diet, while triying and reading TMS stuffs.

    I had multiple sh*ts to set in my life.
    My father died very suddenly 8 months before the onset of pain.
    I was 35, and no girlfriend, and no children.
    I was feeling like getting an old bachelor.
    The company where I work is a mess.

    This summer I met someone. She's nice. ;-)
    Stopped the diet, because too complicated not to drink beer ;-)
    And didn't care about my back, stopped using pillows in my bed.

    I'm pain-free since september, regarding my back.
    (For the ones that are into Psycho stuff, my backpain started while getting a new bed, and I remember saying to me "You don't share it very often, buddy")

    So no more sciatica, no more back pain.
    I do have very mild paresthesia while driving, but I think it's a learned behavior. I don't care at all. I'm 100% convinced it will vanished. My back does hurt a bitwhen standing a long time at bar or meetings, but it did before.

    So thank you! It was indeed TMS. I may really hurt myself at the begining, but the pain did not vanished when I cured. The solution is really for me, TO NOT GIVE A F*CK.

    Thing that I can't do for my neck at the moment. I still feel the pain, parestehesia sometimes, have crisis. The crisis do not last very long (2-3 days comparing to multiple weeks), and my neck hates the cold.

    I guess I have to quit my job! ;-)

    (And guess what, I have new symptoms! Psoriasis, mild panic attack, etc!) Knowing it's just my mind searching new ways is cool.

    Thanks again, and I'll say it for myself, but :
    If your pain is not that severe
    If it changes over time, with days without it
    If the pain vanishes during exercices, but is more severe after (1 day+)
    If the MRI are not crystal clear

    It's not physical, it's a pain created or prolonged by your mind!
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Welcome HFT and thanks for your Success Story!

    I would say that around here, we are definitely into the Psycho stuff :D
    Uh huh. The summer after I discovered Dr. Sarno and achieved a massive amount of recovery, I was vacuuming my carpeted stairs, and in the moment that I thought "dang, these stairs really need to be shampooed" an incredibly painful spasm completely tweaked my lower back. No mystery there, either.:p

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