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Advice and thoughts ?Pelvic pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by NameK, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. NameK

    NameK Well known member

    Hello I have been reading this forum for some time now and I have decided to post my story. I am a 23 year old male in pretty good health 5'10 150. I had a history of health anxiety when I was 14 or 15 i had urinary frequency for 6 months got counciling for about 2 years and I pretty much didn't have anxiety until about last year my job atm is driving around all day alone so with my thoughts alot. Also this all started during a stressful time in my life (about to start my career as a auto mechanic )

    To start out last year I started having pain in my foot calves and knee. This went on for 3 or 4months then I decided to see a doctor.

    They told me it was plantar fasciitis and sent me to a foot specialists they gave me some cheap insoles a list of streches and sent me on my way.

    I did the streches for a few months with not much improvement.

    Fast forward to February I took a fall on my tailbone on a hardwood floor during a night of drinking.

    Later that night I had pretty bad constipation. The following night I had pain in my penis and was worried but it went away the next day.

    Later in the week during fun time with the gf I stopped halfway through because my testicle was sore and swollen. I've had this pain before along with lower back pain left side for both and it went away after a week about 3 years ago.

    Any who I had the back pain which has been chronic since around the time of the fall.

    I went to multiple doctors one said I had a cyst (non treating and wouldn't cause the pain ) another one said it was epidatmyis and gave me some doxy for a week.

    My anxiety was so bad on the fifth day and my back pain was pretty bad I ended up in the er. I started having or noticing some urinary symptoms (flow issue,dribbling, split stream) they did a urine test came back clean and a blood test also clean.

    ER Doc told me to stop the doxy as no proven infection was found. And gave me some naproxen and sent me on my way.

    I week goes by as it's early March by this point l see another doctor who checked my prostate said it was inflamed never had a exam so I probably thought it hurt when it was just uncomfortable . Said I had protatitis and gave me two weeks of bactrim.

    I took it for 8 or 10 days but stopped due to diaherria. I felt better a week while I was on it. But i also saw my GP and she said I was fine and there was nothing wrong with me.

    For a week i was relaxed no back pain or issues then it came back and this is when my anxiety went crazy I started obsessively googling about cpps on Reddit and other fourms and reading all of the horror stories it was scary.

    And of March I had burning after urination for 3 days and have had it occasional here and there.

    My GP referred me to a urologist who I just saw the other day and I'm doing a bladder ultrasound next week and a cystoscopy in a few (I'm scared of that tbh)

    I've been seeing a Pshyiotherapist since April he thinks it's biomechinal (misaligned pelvis made my left leg longer creating a chain reaction leading to the foot pain to this .

    I tried streching for a month pretty much everyday (missed a few days but I stopped because it didn't seem to help )

    Also I started seeing a therapist as this has made me more anxious and depressed to the point I was breaking down and crying and she believes it might be a mind body issue. Also this causes me to worry about my future (career can I have kids etc ) which I never had before either.

    Do you think I have tms? Also I'm not sure if I should try streching again as o might actually have weak or tight muscles aka pelvic floor dsyfunction (haven't been diagnosed)

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  2. Messyz

    Messyz New Member

    We have the same exact symptoms basically besides the split flow..

    Also I have frequent urination and the sensation of sitting on something at times and some tingling every now and then.

    Honestly, one of these prostatitis forums is still searching for some bacteria, and the other one is strictly focused on having someone put their finger up ur butt and massaging it.

    I’ve thought about doing the pelvic floor therapy but I’ve actually talked to someone who did it for years and it didn’t do anything for them and said after 6 years he’s recently figured out it was all emotional/stress

    Also another person I’ve talked to even had a doc tell him he could feel the so called trigger points inside him but ended up getting healed the TMS route.
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  3. Marytabby

    Marytabby Peer Supporter

    I have struggled with pelvic/vulva pain for years on and off. I have been treated for SO many UTIs and yeast infections with frequent urination and pressure in my groin, it's a wonder I am even able to tolerate all the meds anymore. What I have come to discover in my own online research is that vulva and pelvic pain are anxiety. Not only have I read about it but I can tell you when I have a flare-up it's directly related to worrying/stress/anxiety. Just 3 weeks ago I was under tremendous worry about a personal situation and for 3 weeks my private parts were on FIRE, burning and itching. All cultures came back negative. What I also noticed is some generalized feelings of anxiousness such as jittery feelings, lump in throat etc. What I have come to fully believe is that my V pain is ALL anxiety. Getting it under control will be a whole separate issue. Knowing though that it is NOT infection, etc. is the first step in my admitting I have anxiety down there. It hurts bad. Some days are better but when I notice a pang of panic set in, it goes RIGHT to the V area. It's awful. But I know it's anxiety.
  4. NameK

    NameK Well known member

    Yeah thunk mine is stress and anxiety causing it along some pshyical issues misaligned pelvis

    Also it's worth noting that there were two instances over the years where I had separate symptoms one time I had the testicle pain and back pain for about week seems doctor it disappeared that was about 3 years ago

    Another time was when for two weeks it burned when I would urinate before during and after doctors found no infection and after two weeks it was gone .

    Throughout my life I would have instances when I would go urinate and it wouldn't completely come out alittle bit stick so I would have the buring feeling and tip sensation but it would resolve out getting it all out .

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