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Adductor Hip & Glute Tension

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Bpopik, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. Bpopik

    Bpopik New Member

    1. Hi all. Looking for some insight. I’m fairly new to the forum but not TMS. Let me start by saying I have suffered from health anxiety since I was in my teens and have every single personality trait associated with those prone to TMS. I had a shoulder injury about 10 years ago while pitching fastball. The first time TMS reared its ugly head for me. Fortunately after discovering Dr. Sarno’s The Mind Body Prescription I overcame my shoulder issue. Fast forward to January 2020. After an unbelievable year of stress in 2019, taking over my Dads company, family issues, Etc etc. Started having tension in the left adductor muscle inside the leg pretty much out of the blue. Lifting my left leg cause pull and discomfort inside the groin. This tension also moved into left glute, hamstring and also low back. Had a meltdown in summer of 2020 brought on by health anxiety due to the tension. In May, I saw 2 sports medicine physicians, and my GP. Had complete blood work as well as MRI of SI joints and groin which all came back clean. My GP seemed pretty convinced it was stress related. Been reading Sarno again and also forums but can’t seem to find any body matching my symptoms. Not excruciating pain per se, just tension and discomfort. As well there is a cold rush sensation down the leg and glute from time to time which I think is nerve related. Also twitching of muscles off and on in both glutes and legs and if I’m not paying attention hips clamp up and have to consciously relax them. Also the location is pretty consistent over the last year. Maybe only shifts prominence from left glute to hip to adductor but all left side. Just wondering if any body else has experienced anything similar. I want to believe it’s TMS but can’t help doubting from time to time. Appreciate any input
  2. Pingman

    Pingman Well known member

    Bpopik - Just to let you know, I am dealing with similar issues right now....very similar.

    Mine all started back in August of 2020 with a real health scare, DVT. That worried me because they told me that I could have long term leg pain, some people do and it usually shows up within 6 months. So I ruminate on it and worried. Add Covid stress and isolation with my family. Then in December I developed "Prostatitis" with rectum pain and sharp groin pain, and Adductor/hip.

    The pain into my groin really messed me up and I also got panicky. Coupled with a huge work project that went live at year end I broke. My pain migrated to my lower back out of no where. I went to a spine dr. who said I had mild SI joint degeneration but nothing serious for a 43 year old.

    That messed me up and the pain has increased. Along with that I have experienced twitching in my thighs and sore spots on my ribs/hips/calves and glutes. All of which have subsided aside from the back pain as it is what I focus on.

    So you are not alone and everything you have had I have and it is gone. My GP thinks mine is TMS as well and from talking to coaches on the wiki they so too. Based on the history of TMS and anxiety.

    Now my X-ray did show some mild issues with my Joints but others on here have said that Sarno said Arthritis and degeneration are normal abnormalities and should not cause pain. I have reduced my pain a little by addressing the fear.

    I am not the best coach but just wanted you to know first hand my symptoms like yours are gone.
  3. Bpopik

    Bpopik New Member

    Thanks for the reply! Reassuring to know I’m not alone with these strange symptoms. It’s easy to get carried away with the what if thinking though. Funny I’m 43 also. That’s where I’m at also trying to set aside 20 mins a day to meditate. I honestly believe I’ve been semi hyper stimulated for the last year that’s causing the tension to persist. I’ll go a few days trying to ignore it then boom I melt down and freak out that it’s still there.

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