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A TMS app?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by plum, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    It occurred to me as I was driving home this evening, that an app which embraces the various dimensions of @Alan Gordon LCSW healing program could be an awesome and incredibly helpful creation.

    Given I am one of the least technically minded people on the planet I have no practical insights into how this may be achieved, only that the possibility is there.

    My little brother is using the headspace app every day and I can tell the difference it is making in his life. It make me wonder if something like that could be crafted for tms'ers.

    These are idle thoughts only but I wondered whether our community considers them to have any merit..?
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  2. DaveBrad

    DaveBrad New Member

    Try looking for a app called curable, it based on John sarnos books and is very helpful
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  3. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

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  4. thecomputer

    thecomputer Well known member

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that app here before!
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  5. John Gribbin

    John Gribbin New Member

    Hi everybody, my name is John Gribbin and I'm one of the founders of Curable Health, the maker of the TMS app. You can check out my personal story on my member page, but the short version is that I - like so many of you - suffered from debilitating back pain (among other things) that started when I was 19 years old. After 15 years of trying everything, a friend recommended Dr. Sarno's "Mind Over Back Pain" and it started me on my road to full recovery.

    TMS is unique in that it transforms many former pain sufferers into passionate advocates for TMS therapy. How many people went to med school...or became a therapist...or wrote an important book...or started a Wiki website!...because their lives were changed and they felt compelled to spread the word? Moved by this same sense of purpose, I started Curable with two friends of mine who also overcame lifelong pain (migraines, RSI) with TMS methods.

    We have developed the Curable app in consultation with many of the great practitioners in this field: Dr. Clarke, Dr. Schubiner, Dr. Schechter, Dr. Stracks, Dr. Hanscom, a number of TMS therapists, and others.

    DaveBrad, I'm delighted to hear that you find the app to be helpful. We've put so much time and energy into its development. All of that effort feels worth it when you - and so many of our other users - tell us that the app is making a difference.

    I'm happy to answer any questions anybody has...on the app...on me...on our mission...or anything else. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

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  6. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    This is great! Thanks for sharing and commenting here, John. I will definitely be sharing this with the few patients of mine who are embracing TMS!
  7. John Gribbin

    John Gribbin New Member

    Thank you MindBodyPT. There are a number of therapists and physicians who recommend the Curable app to patients. I’m sorry we haven’t connected with you sooner. I’m happy to provide you with more information if you wish. Feel free to reach out anytime.

    On that note, my apologies that we haven’t shared Curable with the broader Wiki community prior to now. Frankly, our primary mission is to help people, and we wanted to be sensitive about coming off as too self-promotional to this community (typical TMS “goodists” I guess).

    That said, since this post appeared we’ve received a lot of outreach from Wiki members expressing their excitement that a TMS app exists, and asking questions about the app and about Curable.

    So I want to answer some of the main questions we’ve received here.

    What is the Curable app?

    Perhaps the most accurate way to describe Curable is as “a collection of educational lessons on TMS, and a near-limitless number of exercises you can use to reprogram your brain to get rid of your pain.” To help people along their way, everything in the app is guided by a friendly (robot) coach named Clara. And of course, all of this is encapsulated into an app for your phone, tablet, or your computer.

    How do I access the app?

    The app is currently available on all devices directly from the Curable website -- see the link posted by plum above. For the time being, we have refrained from putting the app into the Apple and Google app stores. Relying on Apple and Google can slow down how often we make improvements to the app, and they force our users to have a different experience on their phones and their computers (something we didn’t want for our users).

    How often is the Curable app updated?

    We are constantly making improvements to the app, based on the feedback of our users. We release a new app update about twice a month. Sometimes an update includes fresh TMS lessons and exercises. Sometimes an update is centered around technical features to improve the user experience and overall quality.

    When was the app created?

    We launched Curable to the public in January of 2017. Since then, almost 1,000 pain sufferers have used the app.

    What symptoms does the Curable app address?

    We get this question all the time, especially from folks who have not yet learned about TMS. The best way to answer this is to say that the app addresses any and all TMS-related symptoms. For a list of TMS symptoms, you can visit this page on the Wiki.

    How much does the app cost?

    The Curable app is free to download and receive all of the TMS educational lessons. These lessons are free forever, so many people simply keep the lessons and the Curable app on their phone so that they always have TMS education in their pocket.

    For those who desire access to the exercises (such as meditations, journal writing exercises, brain training exercises, and more), the app costs $8 per month. Subscribers can cancel anytime they wish.

    It has always been our goal to make the app as affordable as possible for people, while at the same time enabling the lights to stay on at Curable so that we can continue to develop and support the app.

    Who is behind Curable?

    I wrote a little about this in this thread above, but to go into greater detail…

    Curable was founded by my partners Laura Seago, Erich Luedtke, and me. Laura had migraines, knee pain, and back pain for over 5 years. Erich had RSI in his hands and a variety of non-pain TMS symptoms for 8 years. And I had back pain, piriformis pain, leg pain, foot pain, and neck pain for 15 years. Each one of us was fortunate enough to heal our pain by using TMS education and methods. For me, it was reading Dr. Sarno. For Laura, it was working with TMS physician Dr. John Stracks in Chicago. For Erich, it was talking to Laura and me. We founded Curable so that we could do our part in spreading the word about the treatment method that basically saved our lives. Curable is our full-time job.

    Like anything in life, we could not have developed the Curable app alone. Many of the top TMS practitioners have consulted - and continue to consult - on the Curable project. In particular, special thanks goes to Dr. David Clarke, Dr. Howard Schubiner, Dr. David Schechter, Dr. John Stracks, Dr. David Hanscom, and a number of TMS therapists. These trailblazing professionals deserve major credit for the quality of the Curable app...and for the advancement of this field in general.

    What is Curable’s mission?

    Almost everybody who uses TMS methods to heal their symptoms subsequently asks themselves the famous question: “How come more people don’t know about this?!” Curable’s mission is to do our part to spread the word about TMS...and in doing so, help as many people as we can.

    Prior to Dr. Sarno’s death, Curable sat down with Dr. Schechter to discuss how we can expand access to mindbody healing methods for those in need. With Dr. Sarno’s passing, we now have even more motivation to secure his legacy.

    You can read our interview with Dr. Schechter here… Unstuck: Clearing the Path for Dr. Sarno's Mindbody Movement.


    I hope this helps to answer some questions. Please feel free to ask me anything else, and I'll do my best to answer in a timely manner.
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  8. bagofwater

    bagofwater Peer Supporter

    I'm confused. Is it an app? It looks like just a web page. I can find no app to download.
  9. lauraseago

    lauraseago Peer Supporter

    Hi @bagofwater - Once you register on the website, you'll be given instructions of how to get the app on your phone. Curable is not currently available in the app store. On your mobile phone, go to www.curablehealth.com, click "try it free," and you'll be guided through the process.
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  10. bagofwater

    bagofwater Peer Supporter

    Thanks. I signed up, but everything is in Safari. No app to download that I can see. Is it a web app only?

    [EDIT] I'm guessing it is a web app, since I don't think there is a way to install apps on an iPhone without going through the Apple Store. ...the web app looks pretty good though!
  11. gonzohatch

    gonzohatch New Member

  12. mugwump

    mugwump Well known member

    This is interesting. Will surely check this one out.
  13. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    I found this at Lauraseago's profile page, with a link at the bottom, is this what we're talking about? This is the first I've heard about "CURABLE"--I'm a greater Luddite then Plum is--does this mean I need to get rid of my Motorola brick phone and move up to a flip?

    http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/members/lauraseago.6255/ (lauraseago)
  14. colls100

    colls100 Well known member

    Yeah that's the one @Tennis Tom

    You might not need to upgrade your phone. Curable is not purchased through App Store, you go to a website, set up a login and then create a shortcut to your homescreen on your phone. Then it works like any other app. Although I suspect it may need to be a smart phone to support that functionality.

    But the good news is can also use the 'app' on a desktop/laptop or iPad.
    Basically it will work on whatever you're using to access the wiki :)

    Plus it syncs your personal progress across anywhere you access it from, so you dont lose your 'journey'

    It's quite good - it has a chatbot type thing called Clara who takes you through a few basic TMS lessons and then guides you through some mind-body meditations.

    It also had a panic button thing you can hit if you'e in a lot of pain or super anxious and she talks you through a breathing exercise.

    It's very intuitive, seems to be easy to use so far. And everything is very simple to understand.

    The only thing is, it doesn't seem to have an obvious timeline. The other day I did a few exercises in one day but wasn't sure if I should be waiting a day until the next one. It's taking a bit of time to get round to doing any journalling or 'expressive writing' as they call it.

    Will let you know how I get on with it.
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  15. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thanks Colls, there's so much good info at this site it's easy to miss stuff--thanks for creating the TMS Wiki Forest--BTW where are you Forest? Haven't seen you post here in ages--you aren't colluding with Dave over at TMS Help are you?;)
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  16. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Blimey. I think my first ever mobile phone was the classic Motorola brick. Ah, the good old days. You are officially a greater Luddite than I. :)
  17. elue

    elue New Member

    Hello everyone, some recent updates -

    Curable is now available in both app stores as well as on the web:
    Web: https://www.curablehealth.com/clara (Curable | App)
    Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/curable-for-pain-migraine/id1325784379?ls=1&mt=8 (Curable for Pain & Migraine on the App Store)
    Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.curablehealth.clara (Curable for Pain & Migraine - Android Apps on Google Play)

    Also if you haven't been following the Like Mind, Like Body podcast, there's a good follow up interview with Susan B. the migraineur that was featured in the Techcrunch article.
    TC article for reference: Curing the Incurable
    Follow up interview:
    - Web Version & Transcript
    - iTunes Podcast
    - Google Play Podcast

    Happy holidays & take care!
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  18. Ines

    Ines Well known member

    I agree. This is all free and there is endless information and wonderful people to help you along the way.
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