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A poem I wrote

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by EliseRose, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. EliseRose

    EliseRose New Member

    I wrote this poem in Dec 2017 as my recovery started quickly progressing (I’ve never written any poetry before this) and have only showed 3 people in that time :/ I feels nice to have summed up that period of my life, and to give me some closure :) :)

    Injury, followed by loss, confusion
    my ego and body bruising
    I’m out of work, full of sorrow
    Fear, best friends with worry
    slithers into my sense of self worth
    I’m lost.

    Window seat flying home
    window seat, a spectator to a life alone
    Left behind, isolated, stressed
    Back to my family home, my life a mess.

    Worsening depression, worsening mobility,
    no agility
    I can’t stand
    can’t walk
    can’t sit, I’m differently abled
    I’m unstable

    Pain - my new roommate, my new ruler
    Hopes are fading fast, they’re miniscular
    I possess a sinister shadow,
    he’s my cargo, my tornado, my undertow
    I’m drowning and he’s singing in falsetto
    The calibrator of my fate, he’s dropped the poison on my plate

    I try to help, I say…
    feel better, be happier, more at ease
    keep pushing
    Try finding the light through the trees
    But two years on, a lifetime of heavy burden
    my future remains uncertain.

    The morning dawns,
    when I’m told my saviors name
    An elderly gentleman with his head in the game
    Dr Sarno’s theorum, repressed emotions cause pain
    The bells are ringing, the excitement builds
    Hope again is finally instilled

    I became the Explorer,
    the repressed
    the difficult
    the past buried deep, shit was steep.
    Taking back the reigns, rising from damnation
    This process was my salvation.

    Today the sky is clear
    I’m almost there
    Taking long strides back to confidence
    to health and to freedom
    A toast to the sun, the birds, the sky,
    to happiness, to my staunch supporters,
    Thank you forever.

    What a journey
    What a journey
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi EliseRose,

    Thank you for sharing this. It touches my heart, recalls my own experience. It reminds me that this work that we do, what we learn, how we recover is a "hero's journey" in the real sense. It is a very unique way to "get better;" one which gives us strength and insight, like no regular medicine ever could!

    Will you post more details with tags and so on, or is this your main success story post? Some here might like more details, and you can add tags to make it more searchable, if you like, or others here can do that.

    Andy B
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  3. EliseRose

    EliseRose New Member

    Thanks for your reply Andy. I’ve added more tags, I haven’t visit for a long while so relearning how these posts work.
    I agree, this ability to look within ourselves will always out last the short term results we received from medication or the various therapies we try. We already have it in ourselves.
    In the next few days I’ll share more details about my recovery. I still experience back pain occasionally now but have so many tools to work with it, and not let it take over my life :)
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  4. HattieNC

    HattieNC Well known member


    This gave me shivers (in a good way!) and brought tears to my eyes. It's like you were writing the words of my heart. Thank you!
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  5. oneperson

    oneperson Peer Supporter


    So well depicts the process.
    From prisoner to Explorer. Yes!

    Thank you for sharing EliseRose, big congrats on your healing!

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