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New Program Day 21: Paving Your Own Path
James54 and Lunarlass66 posted about self-soothing. Here are some techniques to self-soothe through each of the senses:
  • Sight: Go to a pretty spot in nature or a local park (or even just in your memory or imagination). Look at photos of beautiful art or go to a museum to see it. Buy or pick some flowers and put them where you will see and smell them. Watch a YouTube video of lovely nature scenery. Color in a coloring book (a mandala coloring book is a good option for adults).
  • Sound: Listen to calming music. YouTube has wonderful free videos of relaxing music. Listen to ocean or other nature sounds (also on YouTube). Sing or hum a soothing song. Listen to a cat purr. Go outside and notice the birds chirping. Beat rhythmically on a drum.
  • Smell: Light a scented candle. Sniff some essential oil or perfume. Try a calming scent like lavender, orange, or bergamot. Cook a fragrant meal or bake something yummy.
  • Touch: Take a warm bath or shower. Wear soft, comfortable clothes. Pet your dog or cat. Snuggle up in a soft blanket. Use a heated waist or shoulder wrap. Go outside and feel the warm breeze on your skin.
  • Taste: Sip herbal tea, such as chamomile. Drink hot milk or cocoa. Suck on a lollipop or mint. Savor a piece of chocolate. Enjoy a delicious meal.
  • Kinesthetic: Rock in a rocking chair. Go for a gentle stroll. Dance or sway to calming music. Do some stretches. Toss or bounce a ball.