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You gotta do something

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    I know Sarno’s books heal but you have to learn the skill if you want to attain a healing ok. I deal with lots of people that read the book and they say “ now what are we supposed to do? ” and I’m like did you practice it? And no they didn’t.
    Remeber guys theres a protocol to do in sarnos books. if your one of the those that thought just by reading the book that was going to be it, or nothing. No; the good doctor never meant it like that. He said it’s good for everyone to have some psycho therapy.
    Theres lots of help right here at tmswiki too, supplement tmswiki with sarnos protocol and reap the benefits. Heres a key,start practicing and apply ok.
    You have got to have tenacity to be a learning machine in avenues of healing. Do you really want it, well you got to do something. if you want to get better you have to do something different .

    Many people that read Sarno’s healing back pain see some of their selves there but not all of their selves there. like the people in the book that got the book cures and the others that healed over time. They kept saying I saw myself on every page.

    Well I did and I didn’t because I didn’t have any tenderness. My pain hurt to the bone and you had to mash for me to feel it. My sisters hurt her on touch so I figured yea she’s got it but I don’t. So I searched the whole tmswiki forum . Then when I went back to the good doctors book I found that we don’t have to have all the traits just some of them. So here I went by faith that I did have it and little by little I healed.

    See we all can lead to a life of pain, anxiety or get with the program right here and get to adding years to your life. Negative thoughts and negative self talk we have to have solutions for. What we think is impossible like learning to have good self talk most of the time is just a learning habit away.

    Sarno said himself- 2 to 6 weeks- heres the conclusion, if in those two to six weeks you get days that you start to have recovery then you slip back and still hurt. that means the program is working. keep with it and soon youll be thanking me.

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