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Wrist pain without an apparent cause?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Matt_Ryan, Dec 27, 2021.

  1. Matt_Ryan

    Matt_Ryan Newcomer

    I've had pretty significant wrist pain in my right wrist for over a year now. Started while playing video games one day, I stopped immediately and rested it for weeks, however it has never gotten any better.

    The pain is on the underside of my wrist, mostly ulnar side but it seems to maybe be the flexor carpi tendons. Basically moving my fingers for anything like typing, clicking, texting, etc immediately causes pain. Even after resting for 2-3 months very minimal use of my hand.

    I haven't really had any of the TMS symptoms of pain jumping around, and the pain does not come and go. It is pretty much constant, and there has not been a single day where the pain suddenly wasn't there and I could magically type pain free. This makes me cautious of the idea it is TMS because I don't seem to have some of the symptoms I see a lot of people talk about.

    The only thing that makes me possibly consider it is TMS is the fact that no doctor has found anything, and no treatment (rest, PT, etc) has ever made the slightest difference. And that within a week or two of the right wrist hurting, I noticed pain in my left wrist when I started to use it more. I now use the mouse with my left hand, but I start to get pain (not as significant as the right wrist) when I use it too much. I don't have any flexibility issues with the left wrist. The fact that I have similar pain in my left wrist that followed my right wrist does make me wonder if there is something psychological to it.

    I guess I'm just looking for other's advice/experience, and if anyone's had anything similar?
  2. jipavl

    jipavl New Member

    Hello from fellow wrist pain sufferer.

    Did you have an imaging (ultrasound, MRI) of the wrist done? That should show whether the tendons are inflamed. I had an inflammation in the wrist for over a year and finally healed it with icing.
    In case there is no inflammation, then it can be either tendinopathy or possibly TMS.
  3. mbo

    mbo Well known member

    If your pain has arrived «out of nowhere» (no accident, injury, fall, physical traumatism,....), just from banal, inoffensive activities ........ probably you have TMS !
  4. Matt_Ryan

    Matt_Ryan Newcomer

    MRI didn't show anything to 2 doctors. One doctor said there might be a little inflamation.

    You healed your inflammation with icing? Can you expand on that?
  5. Matt_Ryan

    Matt_Ryan Newcomer

    It just started all the sudden while playing video games and never went away. I did previously have some ulnar nerve numbness in my pinky the year prior but no pain with it. Rested and the numbness went away.
  6. mbo

    mbo Well known member

    Think about your emotional state (at the obvious conscious level --thoughts, feelings-- but particularly at the unknow, deeper subconscious level) and try to connect your onset of pain to "dangerous", unbearable, menacing, unfelt emotions (rage/anger first of all).
  7. Matt_Ryan

    Matt_Ryan Newcomer

    That's another potential hitch I have with it being TMS. I was actually quite happy when it started. Not stressing about anything, I like my job and everything else in my life, besides the health issues. It didn't coincide with something really stressful or emotionally difficult at all.
  8. mbo

    mbo Well known member

    I the absence of emotional issues the solution of you pain is easier.
    It's not the repressed ange/anger that mantains your pain. It is just the fear of being injuriated, the fear of worsening your pain/«injury».
    Your brain is not distracting you from «bad» emotions, it is just protecting you from a supposated injury.
    You have to «convince» your brain that such a protention is unnecessary.
  9. jipavl

    jipavl New Member

    I followed a protocol I found on the internet. Create a cold bath - a cold water and throw in some ice.
    Ice your hand for 10-20secs every 10 minutes for 2 hours.

    But since your MRI showed no inflammation, I'm not sure, it is applicable in your case.
    Also note, that too much icing can be harmful.

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