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Wrist pain from pushups/yoga planks. TMS?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Skeleton Bob, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Skeleton Bob

    Skeleton Bob New Member

    Could the wrist pain be TMS? I have Googled wrist pain from pushups, and it seems a very common problem. I can modify my position and keep a neutral wrist i.e. use pushup bars, this helps, but doesn't solve the problem 100%.

    Normally the pain is only there during these exercises. However if I end up worrying about it a lot, or massaging it to make it feel better, I find it can hurt all day. I kind of suspect TMS. I'm not sure?

    It's just my right wrist, which is also very inflexible compared to my left. Flexibility has nothing to do with TMS though does it?

  2. untangledweb

    untangledweb Peer Supporter

    This past week I started getting right thumb pain and slight wrist pain after doing planks and downward dog. I’ve never had it before. But, I just signed up to start doing a teacher training in yoga. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for years. About seven years ago I was signed up to do the class. The pain in my back started and got so bad that I had to stop. The pain is like a shock collar. It happens to me when I want to do something good for myself. It’s really not a surprise that is try to start again. My lower back has started to bother me a bit, and there’s no doubt my mind that that is TMS. It’s exactly the same spot that stopped me from doing teacher training all those years ago.
    I will not succumb to the shock collar this time.
  3. Skeleton Bob

    Skeleton Bob New Member

    Sorry for the delayed reply. How is your yoga course?

    Are you saying that we when we try and do something good for ourselves, our body reacts by giving us pain? Is it because we treat our self badly, then try to do something good for ourselves, our body reacts by giving us pain to keep us stuck in the negative self thinking loop?

    I could just be speaking for myself, but I used to treat myself very badly, always criticising and being very harsh on myself, when I wouldn't dream of treating anyone else that way! Makes little to no sense.

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