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Day 4 Worst thing a medical professional said to me

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Gamma, May 24, 2023.

  1. Gamma

    Gamma New Member

    There’s two. The worst one would be when I went to an osteopath because he’d helped my uncle with his back pain tremendously. I had high hopes and he looked at me observed my whole body and was shocked that I could be in so much pain he said: “you have a young strong body I’m not sure why your having problems… have you ever heard of phantom limb pain.” He we actually really nice but when he said that I was instantly depressed and knew there was nothing he could do he did the adjustment anyways and I ended up feeling slightly worse.
    The other time was when I went for an appointment at the clinic and explained to to the doctor everything wrong with me. He sat cross legged hand on cheek uninterested and simply said “your fine your normal these are normal symptoms.” I explained a good 20-30 symptoms to him and told him how painful and restrictive they were to my life and he didn’t care. Funny enough despite how sad and angry that made me, by using mind body logic, he’s actually right lol but obviously back then I didn’t know anything about tms.

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