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Why So Many Fail To Transcend TMS

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Tms_joe, Sep 29, 2021.

  1. Tms_joe

    Tms_joe Well known member

    This all comes from personal experience and self discovery. As you read it, notice your mind coming in with conclusions and disagreements that could never truly be proven to be true or false. What’s up with that? Why believe something just because it came into your mind?

    TMS is the physical manifestation of a thought. Some of you may even remember the thought(s) that kicked off the pain cycle. Dr Saarno pointed this out in a way. I personally observed a thought of “what if it spreads to the other hand” right before it did and lasted years.

    If you suffer from TMS you care about these thoughts, do you feel an internal reaction to that statement? That’s the negative energy in you that causes the pain. You have made an identity out of the thoughts circling in the head. Many of us are addicted to compulsive thinking. Solve that, and not only will you laugh at TMS, you will tackle life problems with mental clarity beyond what you currently see as possible.

    The more time you spend on here, or talking to friends about it, or “thinking on it” the more trapped in the pain cycle you are. You give the thoughts energy, or in the case of TMS, the pain. Again, is something in you trying to disagree?

    You actually believe the thoughts in your head are who you are. The positive ones where you get a sense of satisfaction from noticing your body or mind seem superior to others. The negative ones that tell you you’ll have this pain forever. They actually mean NOTHING! It’s a farce, and it takes deep despair or being in touch with something deeper inside of you to take the leap of faith to believe and see this.

    You don’t have to believe these things bc a stranger says they are true. The “trick” is to be observant and objective toward the thoughts versus rationalizing, etc. Stop telling yourself stories. Then stop even with full sentences. You’ll become aware of things you do or say that we’re previously part of your subconscious. Eventually stop paying any attention to the compulsive thinker at all. What will arise is a calm intelligence that you’ve possibly never experienced before, or you may recall feeling this or being this intelligence as a small child before the world started conditioning you.

    If you care about something versus 100% acceptance of it as it is and as it may continue indefinitely, it will persist, period. You will not recover. Maybe temporarily, but something else that originates with thought will come in to take its place to keep you miserable.

    I truly hope this helps at least one person out of the trap. You are NOT a person with TMS or any other label. The label is a HUGE part of the problem. If you truly believe prayer is answered try praying for the self awareness to see the truth of what you truly are.

    Once you become aware of what is actually going on within your consciousness you will see that fear is running the show. With a person with TMS, the fear has a STRONG grip. Be brave when you see it. The thoughts and pain have zero power when not enlarged by your attention.

    Look at all the things in your life that “MUST” or “MUST NOT “ happen. The arrogance to believe you have that kind of control in life is also part of the problem, and possibly 100% of your family and peers believe it too. Do you have the courage to see and accept that as a falsehood? YOU want TMS gone at any cost. Who or what is preventing you from taking the leap?
  2. sheltered

    sheltered Peer Supporter

    Amen. The ego loves to wrap itself around a diagnosis either self given or otherwise provided. If you are in the middle of a TMS struggle, look at it as an opportunity for change and for growth. Easier said than done, I completely agree. Be humble. Be brave. Be aware. The truth will find you and it will be beautiful.

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