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Why isn't there as much information about curing OCD \ Anxieties etc. as physical pain?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Loui, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Loui

    Loui New Member


    I'm reading all about TMS. Besides having different aches, I have severe OCD, anxieties and more of that 'family' and I came to wonder - Why isn't there as much information about curing OCD \ Anxieties etc. as physical pain?
    Is it the 'same level' to heal as physical pain (or is it on a more 'advanced' \ harder level)?
    If I believe and tell myself the OCD is just a mechanism to hide serious emotions - is that enough to heal it?

    From therapy I'm doing over 10 years I'm used to the idea of peeling off 'layers' - something that takes many years. I do have the whole time new insights and I'm always advancing, but according to the TMS theory - curing OCD should take a few weeks \ months?

    Maybe I should add that I went through many horrible family traumas growing up.

  2. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle


    TMS centres on pain because that was Sarno's bread and butter work, mercifully it has expanded way beyond this to include all manner of correlates or equivalents. Indeed wonderful men like @Steve Ozanich and @Alan Gordon LCSW have both independently identified the essential mechanism of TMS as obsession or preoccupation so some good news on the OCD front.

    You'll find of horde of goodies posted about anxiety if you explore posts about Dr. Claire Weekes. She is something of a patron saint here. Her name should link to a page on the wiki that will inform and then guide to some excellent posts. The main man of the hour is a gem named @Eric "Herbie" Watson who has championed Weekes here, much to the benefit of pretty much everyone.

    Explore. Play. Post.

    Many people here have undergone trauma and come through smiling. This is the beauty of the ways of healing we advance here, they have a very wide and forgiving embrace because they address the roots of our woes.

    Plum x

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