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Why Does TMS Occur?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Tms_joe, Jan 10, 2023.

  1. Tms_joe

    Tms_joe Well known member

    Is there anybody on here not wanting to know this? Probably not unless they've already come to a place of seeing the answer.

    Look at at your life. Who are you? Were you "that" when you were born? How can you be something today you were not always?

    The TMS, in ANY form, is a message for you that cannot be ignored. If it could be ignored, it would cease to exist, as you can see from reading success stories. If you're suffering, you cannot see this right now, but there WILL come the day that you do. If you cannot believe this, you prolong the suffering. How exactly is it that you could believe otherwise? Where's the evidence? That belief of predicting the future is extremely costly. The currency is pain.

    What you have given importance to in this life is not serving you. Here's your chance to see this. The fact you're still searching for the TMS cure when it's extremely well documented is part of the problem. The answers are on this site and have been for years. You've decided, YOU, who does not know where this came from or why, is capable of fixing it. Your habits, beliefs, and lifestyle are what must change, but that's HARD.

    Where is your attention from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute? If it's on your pain OR how to fix it, expect the pain to persist. Why is it that your attention cannot be directed only to where you'd prefer at all times? Here lies the crux of literally ALL your problems.

    So how do you do it? There are many paths to the same destination. What's most important is that you become aware of this situation described as your experience inside. Understand what is written here, and see that attention is being hijacked. Next, learn what it truly means to be humble. Life is constantly trying to humble you, to CURE you. Be aware.

    It's time to break away from belief in the organizations, cliches, social media groups, etc that you "identify" with. No more beliefs get to exist inside without extreme scrutiny and skepticism. You choose not to fully believe anything that cannot be concluded with evidence and zero doubt.

    Why doesn't the TMS each other person feels scare you? That would manifest as TMS in your body if you had so much empathy that it could muster up serious fear inside as well. You see? Your pain isn't more or less than others. It exists, and believing you're the something special that can strategize a way for it to go feeds it with energy. When you decide life is moving onto other things with the pain there or not, it's gone. :)

    P.S. If you've moved past your pain, and you agree with this post, you might consider not adding additional content beyond agreement. A more united message from the "elders" of the forum could help so much. If this message, or any other message, truly reaches a person; it's time for them to log out and reflect. They'll forever be the student if they keep switching their major every semester.
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  2. NeOshin28

    NeOshin28 Newcomer

    So what would you advise someone to do if they cannot work and don’t have any friends or anything in their lives / they live alone and spend al day either in the house or out for walks around the block because of the amount of symptoms and the level of pain they are in 24/7? I’m aware focusing on the pain is fuelling it, but I’m at a loss at what else I can focus on when I have nothing in my life.
  3. Otis

    Otis New Member


    Your posts have been most helpful. After a recent stressful event in my family, I’ve been having a bit of a relapse, but I’m seeing it continue to fade away as I surrender to it and to what occurs in world. TMS has been the catalyst for me to see a better way for my life. I continue to grow and awaken to just how caught up in the mind I have always been. Peace and love and joy were always there just waiting for the obstacles to be removed. TMS pain and other symptoms (I’ve had so many!) are messages to listen and yes, they become enormous distractions. Thank you for the reminding us of the truths that will set us free.
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