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Why does it hurt lower back to cough, sneeze or laugh?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by dusty67, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. dusty67

    dusty67 Peer Supporter

    I have been diagnosed with 2 lower disc protrusions and 6 months after diagnosis it is very painful to cough, sneeze or laugh. (also I can "tweak" it or "pinch" it very easily when trying to get out of bed or a car or up from a chair etc etc. After "tweaking" it I usually have more burning nerve leg symptoms...sometimes for a few days. Also a lot of lower back pressure and "nerviness" in the lower back, and a feeling like its swollen. Anyone else have these symptoms? Im new to the idea of TMS but working really hard to believe. Its a struggle! This sharp pain can happen when I turn during my sleep (It wakes me) Or happens when Im not even thinking about my back. That's why Im struggling so much to accept this diagnosis. I can be happy, relaxed...relatively without pain for a few hours then BAM!!!!
  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Dusty. The medical diagnosis about having disc problems has made you believe that is causing your pain,
    but Dr. Sarno says most disc abnormalities do not cause pain. It comes from TMS, repressed emotions.

    I urge you to start the free Structural Education Program which will lead you through daily steps to learn what
    your repressed emotions are, and that will lead you to becoming pain-free.

    You need to work harder on believing in TMS being the cause of your back pain, not anything that an X-ray may show.
    It takes 100 percent belief. Read the success stories and see how others have healed. You'll be adding yours soon!
  3. dusty67

    dusty67 Peer Supporter

    Thank you so much for your reply Walt. I just started the Structural Education Program today.. looking forward to being able to add my success story!
  4. rabbit

    rabbit Peer Supporter

    Loved your question dusty67. I don't know either why but it happens to me too! I am sure Walt is right.
    The kicker is its become a conditioned response... so when I'm about to sneeze or cough I think "I wonder if its gonna hurt this time..."
    usually it does... at least since I've been thinking about it. I try to say, ok, if it hurts, I'll accept it but not let it upset me.
    Easier said than done. I find with short term bursts of pain, ie a sneeze, I'm much better able to handle and talk to my brain, than
    for things (right now, walking) that i have conditioned myself to think will hurt that are going to hurt longer, ie during the whole walk. That makes sense.
    A few seconds of pain vs. 30 minutes of pain.
    I just posted a "things to say to you brain" thread. Telling myself ok, this time walking is not going to hurt is NOT helping. Makes is more likely it hurts.
    Maybe I misunderstood when I read or heard the above advice as something to tell myself.
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  5. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    Everyone is different, so I think read lots of struggles and successes to find what resonates with you. Hope and ideas are here!
  6. dusty67

    dusty67 Peer Supporter

    rabbit I just somehow managed to get over most of the pain when sneezing!!!! I just kept telling myself that my back is healthy and there is absolutely no reason for the pain. It worked about 7 different times. Then I sneezed again and it hurt a little. Blah! That's OK though at least I am heading in the right direction. I tried to sit on my soft sofa tonight for the first time in a year (I have never been able to sit there without excruciating lower back pain and nerve pain) I think I may have rushed things a little because all my pain is back from the moment I sat. Back to square one with that one. Baby steps I guess right? I have been walking so slow and carefully for the last year and since starting this new found learning process I have been challenging myself and pushing myself to do all the things I feared. Now I can walk quite fast without pain (maybe a little and I still have numb legs & pins & needles but at least its some progress) I will read your thread....all this talking to our brains is exhausting isn't it? Ha! I find telling myself its not going to hurt is helping but not with everything. I think we need to just persevere and forge ahead. I KNOW this will work for us!!! Yes Thank you Lizzy for your reply. I am reading so much every day. LOVE the success stories they are such an inspiration. I am hoping to get a confirmed TMS diagnosis which I think will really let it sink in and help me to accept that my back is fine. Now I have developed a painful knee problem....will tackle that one next.....I still don't get how I have so many areas of pain at the same time....I thought TMS usually just targeted one area at a time and then moved around....hmmm...well I still have a lot to learn! Happy Healing everyone :)
  7. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    Lol Dusty, I thought one at a time too! I have lots of niggly little things and a few pains ( not bad though) and they come and go and are not one at a time. I have had some stuff since jr hi and I am 48. Only a couple times have I had pain that kept me down, and even those times only for 6 months. ha ha, not true, just remembered a couple of other times, oh well!

    We shall prevail!!
  8. dusty67

    dusty67 Peer Supporter

    HaHa Lizzy I keep doing the same.....remembering all sorts of health related issues throughout my life (I am 47) that I can now look at and say Oh Wow.....That was TMS! None of them kept me down until this back nonsense started a year ago. That stopped my life in its tracks. Spent 7 weeks lying on the living room floor then another 4 months lying in a bed made of plywood and memory foam. Finally started slowly moving and then eventually worked up to swimming every day. Funny how the mind works....I can swim laps with little to no pain but sitting on my sofa for 2 seconds sends my entire spine into spasms which radiate down my leg and into my foot. As illogical as it sounds I still cant get past the sofa hurdle LOL Now that my TMS leg and lower back pain is lessening, I am now all of a sudden dealing with anxiety, stomache pain, IBS, constant pain in my elbow and knee pain. Geesh This is going to be one helluva battle! Thanks everyone for your support!
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