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Who here does coaching?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Sylvia, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Sylvia

    Sylvia New Member

    I thought that those of you who do coaching can post here your information. Thanks you.
  2. BruceMC

    BruceMC Beloved Grand Eagle

    I believe that Monte Hueftle advertises himself as a mind-body 'coach':


    However, he doesn't do this for free, so don't get the idea that I'm endorsing his services and methodology per se. But you could say that any TMS therapist is also a 'mind-body' coach too. There is of course a drop-in chat group that provides support on Saturdays that is available on the TMS Wiki. I suppose it's just how broadly you want to define the term 'coach'?
  3. Sylvia

    Sylvia New Member

    Thank you for your reply. Yup, I figured a paid service by phone or Skype one on one relationship.
  4. Dear Lianne

    Dear Lianne Peer Supporter

    Hi Sylvia,
    I purchased Monte's book and downloads of meditations, etc. I did not purchase his Life coaching because of the expense, but I will say that he's very insightful in his booklet and videos.

    I do handwriting analysis for tms'ers. I am still building my site which is nearly done. It is at www.writeaboutu.com. I have a second site called DearLianne.com. The best thing about handwriting analysis is that I can see unconscious emotional beliefs and emotions in one's handwriting. So, without knowing a person, I can view a handwriting sample and see up to 300 character traits. I can see these traits withins minutes thereby saving you lots of time trying to figure out what is bothering you, thus causing your physical pain. I explain this here because many people do not know what a handwriting analyst does. Finally, the most interesting piece is that you can intentionally change your handwriting in specific ways to heal your unconscious fears and anger and undesirable traits. To me, handwriting shows both unconscious and conscious qualities in the mind and I can know the whole person in lightening speed. The best thing about handwriting analysis is that is based on empirical rules that I've been trained to analyze so that I am working within a scientific structure- I am not just winging it.

    For life coaching I would look into Monte. He strikes me as the real deal.
  5. BruceMC

    BruceMC Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Lianne dearest: I noticed something quite strange about my handwriting the other day when my allergist prescribed prednisone for an allergic reaction I had last week. Of course, my itching and scratching went away because I gather prednisone suppresses the autoimmune response. But after taking it, my handwriting also improved. I'm a lefty and my TMS symptoms (sciatica, lower back pain etc.) are always on my left side. However, my handwriting is now much firmer and clearer than before prednisone. Any idea what the relationship is between my autoimmunity and my handwriting? I know that prednisone is used to treat lower back pain and aches and pains in the shoulder and knee. Sure sounds as though it also impacts the autonomic nervous system at the same time. Funny relationship between the autoimmune, autonomic and the limbic system, isn't there?
  6. Dear Lianne

    Dear Lianne Peer Supporter

    Hi Bruce: Send me a sample of your handwriting pre & post prednisone, if you are interested. If you will allow me to analyze and place your handwriting onto my www.DearLianne.com site under a another name assigned by me to preserve your anonymity, I think it would be an interesting piece (unless you would prefer me to use your first name).

    If others here are interested, I would be happy to perform an analysis for you, too.

    Bruce, to send me a sample of your writing please submit to WriteLianne@gmail.com - I will do a quick analysis in the form of a screencast if you are willing. If not, no worries :) I wouldn't want to force the issue with you or anyone here.

    I've noticed when I am calmer and more relaxed, the fluidity of my handwriting is that much cleaner and smoother. Also, on the contrary, if I were to accidentally have caffeinated coffee (I drink decaf) then my handwriting will show the jittery feeling I get from caffeine. So, I am not surprised that your handwriting improved significantly after taking prednisone for an autoimmune inflammatory response.

    I am sincerely sorry that you experienced symptoms such that you needed the prednisone; you must've been in much discomfort and pain. It does make sense that your handwriting would respond to the stasis created by the prednisone. Handwriting analysis is "brain writing" in that your emotional well being, or contrarily, lack of calm will be seen visually in the movements of the writing instrument on paper. If one were to be physically or mentally ill, fatigued or anxious the handwriting will show subtle or not-so-subtle changes accordingly. When I had an attack of TMS back pain (which I did not know to be TMS at the time) years ago, I recall looking at my handwriting and two things changed when my lower back was at its worst. First, it is hard to explain without a visual demonstration but my lower loops of my g's, y's and j's showed a subtle "dot" of ink, if you will, pooled on the bottom of each loop. Second, the bottom of the loops (some of them) got pointed at the end, indicating "tension" ironically. Perhaps I'll do a screencast on this subject and post it onto my www.DearLianne.com web site, or even somewhere here if I can include an attachment. As soon as I recovered from the acute pain, these attributes changed by disappearing. So, your observation about your own handwriting as it relates to the administration and healing effects from prednisone does not surprise me.

    Thanks for sharing your observations about your own experience with your handwriting. If others here have any insights or questions, I would be happy to assist in providing you with some answers.

    Bruce, I wish you well with your continued recovery. Please let me know if you have any questions as follow-up. Handwriting experts are attuned to changes in handwriting in the sense that one can see illness before it actually physically arrives. To me, this is the most profound aspect of this science. So, I might hypothesize that the subconscious mind or " thought energy" manifests itself physically in handwriting prior to the flesh - profound stuff, huh? In fact, I might intuit that your handwriting had minor changes that indicated ill health before you even had enough physical illness requiring prednisone. How wonderful it would be to be able to self-diagnose before the symptoms became oppressive. I wish you the best in feeling better.

    Take care of yourself, Bruce. Let me know if you are interested in a free evaluation.



    I imagine from the entries that you give on this TMS wiki forum that you will show strong intelligence in your handwriting. And yes, intelligence can be interpreted in the handwriting, too :)
  7. Shabda-girl

    Shabda-girl Peer Supporter

    I'm wondering if I would be able to send you a sample of my handwriting as well. I am just wondering how I get the sample to you. I thought maybe I could write on paper and then use my iPhone to take a picture of it and then send that via email. Would that be a possibility? How much should I write and is there anything in particular that I should write about?
    Than you so much.
  8. Dear Lianne

    Dear Lianne Peer Supporter

    Hi Megan,
    Yes, you can send me a sample of your handwriting. And you intuited correctly that you can write on paper and take a photo of it with your iPhone and then send it to me via email. Please go to www.DearLianne.com. My email off of this website is WriteLianne@gmail.com. You can do this later today or tomorrow ; I'm in the process of changing this web site with a few edits.

    One of those edits is the payment system. I am offering my analyses for free now, asking only that people consider offering me a donation for my service in order to help pay for the costs of running the site. My reason for doing this is because many people are in need of quality advisement but are often unable to pay for such services. (My website that makes revenue for me is www.InkPsychic.com if you are interested in scheduling a formal reading that is more in-depth, or if you are looking to host a Skype party).

    My www.DearLianne.com site is designed with a purely altruistic objective in mind in that I sincerely wish to help people heal from their pain (emotional and physical pain). My handwriting analysis skills are excellent for helping people understand the subconscious emotions and feelings that are simmering below the surface. As with illnesses such as TMS as described by Dr. Sarno in his wonderful books, the simple awareness of repressed emotions and beliefs will release you from the pain, and handwriting analysis can bring you to that new self-awareness about both conscious and subconscious beliefs. Learning about what is repressed within your own psyche is a major part of the healing process. How can one heal if they do not truly know what has been suppressed? The answer is that handwriting is key - a trained handwriting analyst is able to see up to 300 personality characteristics in handwriting and believe me, the process can be very empowering. Why is it empowering, you might ask me? Because after you've learnt about what is bothering you, then you can work with me to intentionally change specific aspects of your handwriting in order to change your beliefs and behavior. By writing in new ways one creates new neural networks within the brain and therefore brings new attitudes and behaviors into their lives.

    As with TMS, some people can do grapho-therapy and change their lives very quickly, while others take longer to achieve their goals, but they do achieve those changes with time.
    It is truly amazing how an individual can change their lives with a pen and paper. For instance, if your self-esteem is weak at work (or while unemployed - a real confidence drainer), all one needs to do every day for 3 weeks is raise the t-bar horizontal stroke so that it connects with the vertical stem higher up on the stem. Do this consistently and your confidence about your work will rise with the horizontal t-bar. I did this myself many years ago and it truly worked!

    For others on this site, do the same as I direct Megan to do here and I'll review your analysis (a quick synopsis of your handwriting will be given with a screencast of your handwriting and my voice describing your personality). I will not put your name up on the Internet. I'll post your handwriting but not your handwritten signature - there's too much identity theft going on in the world and I would not want to cause people more angst. If you wish to submit a sample without your signature that's perfectly fine, too.

    I look forward to helping you identify both your strengths and talents as well as the the areas of concern that may be causing you pain. I will be careful to not identify issues that I would not want broadcast about me on the web. If I see very serious concerns, I will contact you privately to discuss what I see.

    I hope this helps you, Megan. I know that you lost your kitty recently. I had a beautiful brown tabby cat named "Alfie" when I was a kid (yes he was named after the song). I loved this cat and I know how hard it must be for you. In fact, if you are willing, your journal letter that you wrote to your kitty, if not too personal, would probably reveal much to me in helping you to heal your pain. I will leave that suggestion entirely up to you. I can still see much of your personality in a grocery list :)

    Peace and love to all of my colleages on TMS wiki -

  9. Shabda-girl

    Shabda-girl Peer Supporter

    Thank you sooooo much Lianne. I appreciate it more than you know. I absolutely don't mind sending a photo of my letter to my cat. I realize you are looking more for shapes and strokes of the words and letters but I'm just warning you ahead of time that I wrote it upon waking and was filled with intense emotions, so it's pretty messy and hard to read:) I apologize for that. I went ahead and added my signature to the bottom of the letter so that you have that also. My handwriting is normally so much prettier but I didn't write this for others to read so it does look pretty awful:)
  10. Dear Lianne

    Dear Lianne Peer Supporter

    Hi Megan,
    I look forward to doing your handwriting analysis for you.
    If anyone else here is interested in having their handwriting analyzed, I'd be glad to do it for you, too.
    I will anticipate hearing back from you soon.

  11. Layne

    Layne Well known member

    Heck yes! I will be sending you a sample as well, thank you! So cool!

    What do I write and how much do you need?
  12. Dear Lianne

    Dear Lianne Peer Supporter

    Hi Layne,

    I'd be happy to analyze your handwriting. Go to the www.DearLianne.com blog and read how to submit.

    To answer your question, you should write on unlined paper as I can tell more about your personality on unlined paper, though I can still see much on lined paper, too. Write about anything - the weather, food you ate and topics that are relatively neutral in content - the goal is for me to tell you about your personality, so if you tell me what work you do, or hobbies you have then my expertise is not as convincing :). A paragraph or two (4-6 sentences) is sufficient for me to do a quick analysis of your handwriting.

    Sign your name as you normally would on the bottom. When I do the screencast, I will crop out your name so that no one sees your signature. If you would rather not write your signature, that's okay too. I will assign you a new name on my blog so as to keep things confidential.

    Take an image or scan of your handwriting and email it to WriteLianne@gmail.com. I will confirm receipt of your handwriting and then let you know when it's posted onto my website as a screencast. I am celebrating Easter today so I should get this done tomorrow. If there's anything I see that is highly private, I will communicate that information confidentially to you via email.

    I look forward to seeing your writing sample arrive in my email box. Let me know if you have any other questions.


  13. Dear Lianne

    Dear Lianne Peer Supporter

    Hi Sylvia,

    I will be happy to analyze your handwriting. You started this chain of communication so it serves to reason that you should benefit from your original query. You ask about a donation -you are welcome to go to my website www.DearLianne.com - there is a tip jar and any amount is greatly appreciated.

    I just wrote back to Layne to explain the process for sending me a writing sample - so I believe you should be able to read my answer on this thread. I also explain on my website about submitting a sample. I would emphasize that the handwriting is best analyzed on unlined paper. Also, write about neutral topics that will not tell me about your personality. It's bettter that I know less about you so that I can show you how accurate handwriting analysis can be :)

    I look forward to receiving your writing sample, Sylvia. Anything I can do to help people is my objective here.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions.

    If others here read this thread of messages and wish to have your handwriting analyzed too, please feel free to send your writing samples to me as well following the same process I describe to Layne and Sylvia.



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