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Where I am right now - first post

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by haymaker82, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. haymaker82

    haymaker82 Newcomer

    Hi everyone, my name is Jay and I have been poking around the Facebook group / Wiki for the past month.

    My current state is one of minor panic / pain / mobility issues... minor compared to many here but major to me.

    My current symptoms (which have been on and off for a year, but the pain has been present for the most part) :

    • Spasms in my glute / lower back that radiate Sciatic pain down my left leg
    • Some weakness in the leg, especially when the Sciatic pain is high
    • Stiff lower back
    • Minor mobility issues relating to the leg (protective limp, walking very stiff)
    • Major fear and anxiety when pain arises

    My physical diagnostics:

    • Checked by my GP (blood, vitals), all good
    • MRI had in October 2018 - Minor narrowing in L4/L5, Minor buldging disc in L5/S1
    • Xray showed nothing remarkable
    • Doctor has recommened Spinal Epidural - I have declined
    • I was referred to pain clinic - they are recommending Piriformis injection - I have since postponed this
    Interventions I have tried:

    • Nucca Chiro - minor temporary success
    • 2 different PT's including a McKenzie Protocol specialist - sometimes made things better, sometimes worse
    • Acupuncture - moderate pain relief but forced to continue to keep relief.
    • Drugs - Nothing crazy, Aleve or Advil if the pain is outrageous
    • Cannabis - Used for relaxation, mainly for pain reduction and "tightness" reduction
    • Stretching - Required at times just to be mobile
    • Therapy - I have gone for 1 therapy session

    I have read 2 of Dr Sarno's books (the first 2) and Steve O's book. I am actively using the Cureable app and have quickly gone through the 16 day course here.

    I have never had a panic attack, until yesterday.. I couldn't shake it and today my pain and mobility is great affected. I came across the 4-7-8 breathing method which has helped.

    I am confident this is TMS as some of the exercises (Somatic Tracking / Soothing) have helped me turn off / tone down the symptoms at times... along with journaling.

    Looking forward to connecting with everyone, the recovery stories are so inspiring and I am so grateful to have found Dr Sarno, Steve O, Cureable and most importantly this WIKI!


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