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Alex B. Where do I start?

Discussion in 'Ask a TMS Therapist' started by Guest, Sep 22, 2016.

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    Hi, I'm VERY new to the concept of putting TMS to work. I'm not sure how to start, and I'm ready to run the marathon. I've known for a very long time that past experiences have led to physical symptoms, but I haven't discovered the tools necessary to resolve the physical symptoms - I'm on a hamster wheel. SO, how does TMS work/how is it used, etc. Would you recommend that I buy a book? Schedule with some kind of therapist/clinician to get to work? I'M READY! And I need to heal. It's just time, and I'm grateful to have found this!

    Thank you,
    Lori Krajewski
  2. Alex Bloom LCSW

    Alex Bloom LCSW TMS Therapist

    Hi Lori,

    TMS is essentially shorthand for the connection between one's mind and body that results in psychological challenges expressing themselves as physical pain. The good news is that it seems you have been able to observe this directly in your own experience, which is often the most challenging component in beginning to address it: many people have a very difficult time accepting that things relating to emotions and thoughts can express themselves as physical sensation.

    Addressing TMS is essentially a two-stage process. The first phase is accepting that it is affecting you and beginning to reframe the pain as a psychogenic phenomenon so that you can begin to more actively challenge and confront it. For some (but certainly not all) people this is enough to interrupt the mechanism and begin to see improvement. The second phase is addressing the underlying causes of the pain, in other words why it is that you unconscious mind is gravitating towards pain instead of what is driving it.

    While some of this may seem somewhat simple, it can be challenging and it takes time and practice. It can be very helpful to work with a TMS therapist who is familiar with the process and how to approach it as an individual. I would happy to speak further with you about TMS treatment and potentially set up a session if you are interested. In the meantime take a look at the TMS Recovery Program as it gives a good general outline of the treatment concepts we use.

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