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When you can't see a therapist

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Ewok, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Ewok

    Ewok Peer Supporter

    It can be frustrating to so often see advice that a person should 'seek out a TMS therapist' when they are stuck in TMS healing. This simply isn't accessible to many of us for a range of reasons even though we would dearly love to. (For me for example there are none in my country and via Skype, insurance isn't valid and the power of the $US significantly increases the cost during currency exchange).

    I found the following information on one of Dr. Sarno's therapist's websites. It's about how to journal and goes into a lot of detail about the specifics. She even says that when done properly, journalling can be as effective as therapy.

    http://www.kirstenfliegler.com/tms-section/tms-journaling/ (TMS Journaling | Dr. Kirsten Fliegler | Psychotherapy and Neuro-Psychological Assessment)

    Does anyone have any other tips or advice for things to do yourself, in lieu of therapy?

    Would anyone who went to TMS therapy like to share anything from their experiences that might be useful?

    I am reminded as I write this that someone (I think SteveO) says that we should be careful about putting up roadblocks between us and healing, such as the need for therapy but I feel so envenoms when I read of others visiting TMS doctors and therapists :(
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  2. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    The TMS-therapist/doctor can be an important help when:
    - the patient isn't convinced about its particular symptoms being TMS or structural
    - the patient has difficulty with analyzing its own psychological behavior that keeps symptoms alive

    A non-TMS doctor might also be able to help you with the first part. Not all doctors reject the possibility that certain symptoms can be the result of a stressed mind. A certain amount of luck is needed to find one, but they are outthere.

    A non-TMS psychologist (or likewise) might be able to help you with the second part. The trick is to find a psychologist who is willing to uncover and work on certain psychological patterns that are closely connected to your anxiety, like repressing anger, guilt, sadness, selfcritique etc. This psychologist doesn't have to embrace the TMS-theory to be able to help you with that, it is just to help you lower your anxiety to reduce stress.

    I personally used the non-TMS specialists to help me get started in the beginning. An open minded neurologist and GP gave me the green light to go the TMS way, a normal psychologist helped me to break a couple of dams that were holding a lake of emotions that kept feeding my anxiety. Once that lake had drained a bit, I could do the rest myself.

    It is very personal whether people need help like this. I do think you can do without, but I completely understand that certain people need it to make progress, certainly when they have been seriously nocebo'ed regarding their symptoms and when there is a huge amount of anxiety that comes with that. Also it sometimes is difficult for people to analyze their own behavior or to lean into strong emotions that they normally run away from.

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