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When to contact a TMS therapist versus a TMS coach

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Ann Miller, Oct 4, 2021.

  1. Ann Miller

    Ann Miller Well known member

    As a consultant for chronic pain, I get asked this question often. It’s understandable. When we begin to realize that many of our most painful and life limiting symptoms can be alleviated, we are desperate for the quickest form of help available. But which professional would be most likely to facilitate healing of symptoms? My answer: it depends.

    Here is how I guide clients. Therapists are mental health healers. They specialize in healing past trauma and past wounding by walking with you into those places. Starting therapy recognizes an ongoing relationship with the therapist in order for this in-depth help. Consulting a TMS or mind/body coach is more future oriented. It relies on you, the client, having a hunger for a proactive approach. TMS coaches have a vast knowledge of the methods of unlearning pain and anxiety, usually because we have done the work ourselves and saved our own lives in the process. I know for myself, that I had done a solid year of TMS work on my own and had enjoyed a level of symptom relief that was exciting, but I wasn’t 100% free of chronic pain. My symptoms would still flare and the sensations would still travel around my body visiting all my old spots. It was annoying and always had that element of fear attached….maybe the pain would come back again...maybe feeling symptom relief was just temporary...yada,yada. The best decision I made all those years ago was consulting a TMS coach. She was able to cut through the chatter in my brain, get me out of my swirling questions around recovery, and down a new path that led to total pain free living. I’d totally recommend her here if she was still coaching. For me, a coach was the best answer at that time. Today, I tell clients that both professionals are vital, but it depends on where a person is in their own personal awareness.


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