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Day 3 What's up with exercise

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by plafield, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. plafield

    plafield New Member

    Apologies in advance for the long post. My primary issue is coccydynia (pain in my tailbone) but I've had lower back issues for decades. I've always been a regular exerciser and have had a yoga practice as well, and while I've backed off and rested a bit when my back was feeling really bad, I've never stopped exercising and rarely changed my routine to accommodate my back. Even before I knew anything about TMS I knew that I wasn't going to let back pain limit my life so I mostly just continued to do my regular exercise and at one point I had knee pain and as soon as I had it checked out and no structural issues were found I just exercised through the pain and it faded quickly. The back pain would come and go but for some reason I wasn't really worried about exercising making it worse so I just did what I did.

    But when this tailbone pain started about 6 months ago I pretty quickly changed my regular exercise routine, thinking I had an injury even though there had been no event to bring on the pain. I stopped using the stationary bike as part of my aerobic exercise and added time to my elliptical use. I modified my weight work and yoga routine to leave out anything that involved sitting, as that caused pain. After a negative x-ray and a diagnosis of coccydynia (which simply means tailbone pain) I eventually found Dr. Sarno's work and other information on TMS and realized that this is very likely what's going on with me.

    But I'll admit that while I've gone back to the weight machines and all my usual yoga poses that include sitting (and sometimes there's pain and sometimes there isn't) I've been afraid to go back to the stationary bike. The pain fluctuates a lot and it does seem to be responding the the TMS approach and I really do believe it's TMS but I can feel the very tiny part of me that is still afraid it's not and is afraid of the pain. Even though Sarno mentions coccydynia as probably being TMS in his book The Mind Body Prescription, I don't find it listed on any of the other various lists for probably TMS and no success stories for tailbone pain that don't include a host of other symptoms. But I'm still doing my best to do my regular activities, including exercise, whether I experience pain or not and working on believing 100% that it's TMS.

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