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What to do when migraines take off

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by migrainewarrior, Apr 5, 2022.

  1. migrainewarrior

    migrainewarrior New Member

    Hi everyone. I've been doing TMS techniques for a couple years now. I still deal with chronic migraines. Lately I've had some success prevent migraines or mitigating them by identifying emotional triggers at onset. However I am feeling stuck when the migraines 'take off' regardless--either I don't 'catch' it in time, or it just takes off really quickly, etc. I have been trying to apply Dan Ratner's columns approach where I try to dig through emotions, go through the doubt column and address doubts...but that really does not seem to be helping. Then I started thinking how other TMS people talk about indifference. While Ratner is focused on trying to alleviate the symptoms--he doesn't think you should have to suffer with pain, and that you can always eliminate pain in the moment by doing something in the columns. BUT the others say that by focusing so much on trying to 'fix' the pain, you are reinforcing it and prolonging it. So I am just curious for other people with migraine--what do you find most helpful once they really take off, get bad, etc.? Indifference? Self-soothing? Does anyone have any success once it gets really bad with identifying an emotion or doubt? For me that just feels like I'm torturing myself trying to get the the root cause of it with no results. So I guess I'm hoping that other people who have recovered from chronic migraine will tell me that indifference is the way to go! I have probably already tried that in the past but I guess with Ratner's approach I was optimistic that maybe there was more I could do besides just be indifferent.
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I am not familiar with all of these other doctors and authors you speak of, But Sarno himself suffered from migraines, so when I felt one coming on, I always used his personal 'device' and I haven't had one in years now. It is actually the same strategy I use to fend of physical pain symptoms as well.

    When I would get the 'shimmers'. I would immediately get as quiet as possible and try to think what might be bothering me that I am not aware of yet. Sometimes it was obvious....then I think about that irritant and how deeply it bothers me....Or, if I can't figure it out, I just keep trying to figure it out. ....and then my mind gets distracted and an hour later I think "Hey! It's gone!"

    So, my brain got retrained. It doesn't even try that anymore...so no more migraines. I was not a Chronic sufferer..I got about 5 a year. Maybe if you get them all the time like Kareem, you might need a little more introspection. I DID notice Kareem always got his during important stretches in the season, big games,etc. CLUE??
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