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Day 17 What part of this program do you find the most helpful?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by movingcloud, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. movingcloud

    movingcloud Peer Supporter

    Where to start?! In 17 days of doing the TMS s.e.p I have learnt so much about me, and my pain, and other people's journeys. I know now that there's a multitude of ways to end up with pain - and my chronic back pain is just one of them. I know I'm not alone.
    I have discovered my own people pleasing, perfectionism, worry, guilt, anxiety and anger. I am beginning to realise I can tweak these things. I have acted quite out of character and quit some voluntary work I was feeling responsible for and which I was far from happy about doing. I have opened up to allowing new experiences, like deciding to learn how to read music or going to bed early with no guilt.
    I am becoming a little bit more aware of my repetitive and often negative thoughts and I'm allowing them to go. I am also noticing there are times when I experience almost no pain.
    I have increased my walking by miles and there have been no ill effects.
    I know I can post to a supportive community, and have been very blessed to have had replies.
    Things seem so much more funny all of a sudden - like giggling with a colleague when we tried to cup hands to get some water at the fountain when there were no cups.
    I've also noticed that I don't wish to be defined by my pain any more - if I want, i can help a colleague move a table. I would still think twice, but I do it!
    Well, I'm not going to say "sorry" for all those I's and me's, if you read this far, I thank you.
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  2. Susan

    Susan Peer Supporter


    Thanks for your self-disclosive post. You are well on your way to recovery.

    For me, the best part of all the journaling, reading success stories, reading Sarno over and over and getting in touch with all of my emotions has been reclaiming who I am. I have to let go of my perfectionism, my obsessive thoughts, my anxiety and find these traits have lessened their hold on me if I am diligent, observant and kind to myself.

    I am three months + into the SED and Schubiner's program and now do whatever feels right at the moment in terms of the "work". I am amazed as a new memory arises and I am flooded with sadness or anger, how much easier it is to trace my feelings back to my inner child and her disappointment with not getting from mom what I wanted. That core issue has colored so much of my life and relationships over the years. I see the connections the more I process.

    I am not 100% pain free but have mostly good days now. I know there is more to do before I reach my goal but I am now patient, hopeful, happy and it sounds like that is where you are and are going. The journey has been very enriching so I remain excited to see what happens next.

    Love reading your post and all others who share their experiences on this site. The support is great. Thanks to all.

  3. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    I am so glad to hear that you have found the SEP helpful. I have always appreciated the introspection I gained since learning about TMS and recovering. Understanding our personalities and recognizing that we can change our thoughts is very empowering.

    When I read your post I hear so much confidence and enthusiasm. This will really help push your recovery forward, and help you to continue to make amazing progress.
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  4. movingcloud

    movingcloud Peer Supporter

    Thank you for your insightful replies.

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