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What if your TMS causes a symptom which may need medical treatment?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Madder, Dec 16, 2021.

  1. Madder

    Madder New Member

    What if my symptoms are always more or less the same and in or around the same area?

    For me, I had heartburn and ended up on PPi's for about 15 years. Then I found out the dangers of longterm PPi use and so I weaned off them with the help of some herbs.

    However, for the last 5 years, after weaning off, I have had burning pains in the area where my gallbladder/liver is located and with time it extended to above my right hip, and is sometimes at the back around my kidney area. Always burning type pain. I also get occasional tingling knees. It never seems to happen on the left side.

    I had an urological ultrasound but it showed nothing in the kidney or gallbladder. They expected stones somewhere, I suppose. The Dr then assumed that it must be structural.

    A naturopath told me my organs were fine but I may have a stress induced gastritis. But isn't gastritis typically on the other(left) side?
    SIBO was suggested due to the long term PPi use.

    I was never scoped, but I tested negative for h Pylori.

    I do regular body scans and I regularly tell myself that I am fine. I am aware that there were two incidents in my teenage years which were quite difficult for me. One was violent and the other was emotional. I have not been able to connect the emotional one with anything from my childhood yet as much as I've tried.
    If heatburn, GERD, reflux and the gastritis that typically comes with it is a mind body issue, and I have chosen to believe that it is, do I need to treat the gastritis that is caused by it? And if so, how? PPi's are not a good idea, although they always worked for me.

    The Sphincter on the stomach is controlled by a neural pathway and so I understand that this may be the problem, but if it opens and allows acid up to the eosaphagus or even downwards to below the stomach, do I need to treat that and is that causing the burning sensations? What would I treat that with?

    I know this is TMS because the one time the pains went away for 2 weeks, it was after I was taking chanca piedra for what I thought was gallstones. Perfect placebo example, but after 2 weeks the pain crept back in.

    That, to me, was the dead giveaway that makes perfect sense, and yet I am still finding it tough to beat this thing.

    There are a couple of questions in there, right? :)

    Will I need to do some Psychotherapy?
  2. Madder

    Madder New Member

    I just spent the evening (3 hours) assembling flat pack furniture for my sister in law, and hardly noticed a pain at all during that time. I know that these are all things to consider. But for whatever reason, I seem to still have my doubts! It's so frustrating. I don't think I have my doubts, but my continuing pain disagrees!!!
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  3. Mr Hip Guy

    Mr Hip Guy Well known member

    It's great that you made that observation. For me, noticing things like that (stuff that didn't make sense for it to be structural) began to crack the foundation of my previous belief of what was causing the pain, and consequently started building the foundation of my TMS belief/faith.
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  4. Madder

    Madder New Member

    And just to complicate things more, I now have back pain and neck pain. It ridiculous really, because those are two of the most common mind body conditions, and I am aware of that, and now, I have those pains along with my burning pains!! I belive that I understand TMS, and I am willing to accept my pain and live with is, but still I am finding only minor relief and even new symptoms! I don't know whether to laugh or cry!
  5. Mr Hip Guy

    Mr Hip Guy Well known member

    Be thankful you're aware of this "syndrome" and can identify what TMS is trying to do, and not spiral down into depression that "you're falling apart" which would be a natural reaction to having all of these aches and pains pop up.

    When I was at my lowest point in mid 2018, suffering with a hip issue and contemplating surgery. I first took away the running, which didn't fix it. Then I took away cycling, which also didn't fix anything. Desperate for an exercise fix, I took up swimming, which was a huge reach for me as I am a) a very poor swimmer and b) don't really enjoy it. After a few weeks of this (nothing major, just 3 swims a week), my shoulders started to hurt and I had issues with my neck and upper spine. I recall a frustrating phone call with a friend at that time, where I said "I guess I can't do anything!?" That sums up what TMS is trying to do doesn't it?
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  6. Mr Hip Guy

    Mr Hip Guy Well known member

    P.S. In case you don't know, symptoms moving around or popping up in new spots usually means you have it "on the run" and are "winning." Be thankful for this.
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  7. Madder

    Madder New Member

    Thank you for that. I realize that it appears that I am 'winning the battle'. And suddenly back pain and neck pain. I mean come on!!!! They're the two most obvious symptoms of TMS and I've NEVER EVER had either to any great degree before. I just cannot understand why my brain would throw those two conditions my way, when surely my brain knows that I know I have TMS!! For example, and without going into too much detail......last night I was making love with my wife, and shortly afterwards, after many days of neck pain, I realized there was no pain now at all. Obviously, my mind was somewhere else for a while and not in fight or flight mode. An hour later when settling down to sleep and bingo, I notice the neck pain again. This is blatant stuff. The frustration I am having is this;

    My burning pains don't seem to be stopping. And while they do occasionally move, they are generally in the same area, on my right side. They don't move to the left at all. Sometimes front right side, sometimes back right side, sometimes above my right hip. This is almost always accompanied with a similar heartburn type pain. And so this pain is not constant. It isn't all day and all night. It comes and goes. I had other symptoms. I had a pounding rapid heartbeat, and that seems to have stopped completely. However, I still have trouble sleeping.
    I had a spell where my hands appeared to be shaking very gently and this has passed. The tingling knees I used to get when out walking is gone too. So while a few of the symptoms have stopped, this main one remains. And the big question is as follows:

    If heartburn, GERD, reflux is caused by the unconscious mind due to the stomach sphincters working unconsciously, does that mean that the acid that then regurgitates, when the sphincter brain decides that it wants to open the sphincter, actually does cause damage and that maybe I should be treating those symptoms? It's just that I don't want to take PPi's again. I was on them for 15 years and the long term use is not safe. So where would that leave me in relation to the burning pains. What in the name of God can I do. If I do nothing, am I allowing this acid to erode my digestive system?
  8. Mr Hip Guy

    Mr Hip Guy Well known member

    I'm no expert on this part but probably nothing wrong with taking something that will treat the heartburn, so long as you continue to do your Sarno work to get to the root of the problem.

    BIG CLUE that the pain went away while you were distracted. Take that and run with it.

    But re-read your post and realize how obsessive you sound over your symptoms, whether it's the burning sensations or the GERD. The catastrophizing over your stomach-acid/digestive-system in particular. Another big clue about what's happening.
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  9. Madder

    Madder New Member

    I know I am obsessing over it. I realize that and you're right. It's just untreated reflux can lead to very serious things. But then, so can treating reflux with PPi's!! :)
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