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What do you fear? Is it slowing your healing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Nicole J. Sachs LCSW, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Nicole J. Sachs LCSW

    Nicole J. Sachs LCSW Therapist and TMS Author

    Hello lovely people,

    Finally, I have a minute to breathe and stop by to see what people are talking about on this very important forum, and I'm so glad that the TMS conversations are going strong! If we haven't met, my name in Nicole and I am a TMS psychotherapist as well as a "graduate" of Dr. Sarno's program about 10 years ago. I am passionate about helping people recover from the horrible pain associated with TMS. I suffered for many years before Dr. Sarno helped me to heal. He is very dear to me.

    I wanted to share a piece I recently wrote for a site called InspireMeToday.com. I wrote on fear, as I believe even seemingly "manageable" fear can stop us in our tracks, whether or not we suffer from TMS. In terms of TMS patients, however sadly, un-excavated fear can REALLY cause us unbearable pain.

    Check it out. Let me know if my words resonate with you, so I know how to best help in the future. I hope this note finds you well, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!



    Nicole J. Sachs, LCSW
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  2. Enrique

    Enrique Well known member

    Hi Nicole,

    I can totally relate to what you wrote. I entertain very similar thinking patterns of fear. I'm very, very capable of being consumed by the fear thoughts. And most of the time I'm not really aware of them until I reflect on things later in the day. Peace of mind is my holy grail. I think I've been like this since I was very very young. I'm not sure exactly why, but one interesting story that my Mom told me recently was that when I was little, my Dad went to take me to pre-school. He dropped me off by letting me out the door in front of the entrance. He then drove off not realizing that the school was closed that day. I don't remember any of it, but I can imagine how scared I must've been. It wasn't until one of the nuns found me crying out in front that they called my mom to come pick me up. I don't know if that was the genesis of it all, but I'm sure it didn't help.

    I also think it's these subtle fears that have a very significant impact on my daily life.

    Thanks for posting.
  3. LauriK

    LauriK Peer Supporter

    Hi Nicole! I read your book the other day, it was very helpful. I'm really struggling with getting to that journalspeak phase with my journalling. I think this is why I've had very little progress with my TMS symptoms. Do you have any advice on how to cross that bridge? I am by profession a writer so you'd think I'd find it easy to tap into the subconcious as it occasionally happens when I'm writing fiction. But I'm really struggling. It's as if my mind is stopping me. I get scared that there might be something hidden there that is far too big for me. I live in Botswana so don't have much access to therapists but am thinking maybe I must pay for some phone sessions from online therepaists to help me find a way to get in.
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  4. Nicole J. Sachs LCSW

    Nicole J. Sachs LCSW Therapist and TMS Author

    Hi guys, I appreciate the feedback. I know how it feels to struggle with the journaling, but I am a firm believer in the deepest truths being the most salient key for TMS healing. I'm pleased you read the book, as it can serve as a guide to get started. Try to clear your space and your mind and give yourself 1/2 hour a day to start. Just try to go to the place of most resistance, and if anything comes up, start there and let the bunny trail begin. I wish you luck, and as my schedule opens up a bit I will be letting people know so I can help as many people as possible. xoxo, n.
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  5. Leslie

    Leslie Well known member

    Your article definitely resonated with me Nicole. I got so good at acting that I completely succeeded in fooling everyone, including myself. When I took off the mask and started to take a good hard look at myself the strangest thing for me to acknowledge is just how fear prone I am. I went from truly feeling the only thing I was afraid of was spiders to acknowledging that spiders are one of the more reasonable of my many, many fears. As I discover them I set goals to conquer them. I've discovered the more "physical" fears, like spiders are easier for me to face. The "emotional" fears, like not running as fast and as far as I can from a potential conflict are much more difficult. My belief is that each fear conquered leaves in its place the strength and courage to face and conquer the next.....eventually there will be none.
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