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What do I wrong?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by louize, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. louize

    louize Newcomer

    Hi everybody, I am from the Netherlands so excuse me for my grammar. I know TMS/ MBS for 10 years. The education helpt me a lot from severe backpain, IBS and a lot of other diseases. I did all the work. It was a horror story but lived my life again. Since Covid-19 , actually 2 months later may, 3 I got acute severe pain in my throath. Antibiotic, negative covid test, phd in hospital who looked in my throat. Everything was oké. No infection. Now 6 month later I have still globus, dry throath and diffuculties with swallow food and drinks. I did and do all the work but nothing helpt. I think I was afraid for Covid ,because during cycling I noticed that I held my breath in when there were people in my neighbourhood. I also know what my other emotions are. What do I wrong? Thank you for reading!
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I assume you mean "what am I missing?"

    Whenever I get a sticky something or other I am sure is TMS, I ask one question "What was going on when the symptom showed up?" or better "What NEW thing was going on when TMS showed up"

    That throat crap is definitely TMS. Fear or covid would probably go along with 'Fear of the unknown and mortality'.

    I usually go one step further when I end up on mortality. "Why am I afraid of LIVING?"

    Something changed in your life, or got amped up that necessitated a distraction.

  3. louize

    louize Newcomer

    Dank je wel voor je antwoord. Het is ondanks alle kennis hardnekkig. Voor mijn rug had ik aan healing rugpijn genoeg na 10 jaar lijden. Nogmaals dank.

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