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All the Rage Film What content would you like?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Caroline Rumur, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. Caroline Rumur

    Caroline Rumur Well known member

    Hey Everyone!

    So glad to meet you all :D I am working on creating content to share with you all and I was wondering what kinds of clips/content you would be interested in? I want to give you content that you could share with others to help them understand TMS and help with their chronic pain as well as spark their interest in the film.

    We have a cartoonist here at Rumur that can make some funny cartoons about TMS that you could share with friends and get them to be interested in the film/understand TMS. If you have any ideas for what a good or funny depiction of TMS would be I would love to hear them!

    I want you guys to be excited about sharing the content so any thoughts are very welcome!

  2. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Caroline,

    I don't know if this BBC production has aired in the US but it was very humorous.


    Eric always had stressful events in his life which led to TMS like symptom . I particularly like the dialogue Eric has with his Dr in this episode :)


  3. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Love the cartoon Mike, Stressed Eric, awesome. I have some ideas caroline. How about some cartoons showing the shadow self as being all wound up and wanting life to give him/her a break and then the self that everyone sees -- a happy person full of confidence and having all of his or her life in order. Just a thought, it would explain some I suppose. Or a cartoon with the id part screaming for him/her to go out and enjoy life, let their hair down or enjoy nature while the critical part is telling them how much they can never enjoy such a thing while the bully part is making them feel bad for not going and the self part that everyone sees is just bottled up in their room not enjoying life, stuck, afraid, anxious or this part could just be a quiet person for instance with a fake hurting smile. Although I have more ideas I think these are some to think about, thanks.
  4. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Eric, you have made some great suggestions, which we could incorporate into the following.

    How about placing the character in a scenario of with high stress e.g a death in the family and she has to look after a child.
    Give the character some typical personality traits of a TMS sufferer, a perfectionist, a goodist worrier (a scene set in the office or at home where she is trying to please everyone)
    Show the character is happy on the outside, but illustrate the inner conflict that is developing, as Eric has just posted. Perhaps like an angel and devil on that persons shoulder .e.g the child vā€™s the parent.
    Show the individuals reservoir of rage gradually building in the Amygdala (the unconscious mind) as a result of this conflict/tension and triggering the body into fight, flight, freeze or submit.
    Show the character as having various symptoms and going to different Drs, Acupuncturist, Stretch Therapist, Dieticians, witch Doctors etc etc None of them being the correct diagnosis and amassing a huge medical bill.
    Then perhaps the character accidentally finds or is given a Dr Sarno book where it all clicks.
    Show him to accept and believe its TMS, reading the book, but as he does, showing that knowledge has been learned within his unconscious mind.
    Illustrate the individual as writing away the pain ā€“ a death, personality traits and making the psychological connection between the mind and the body. As they do, the reservoir of rage reduces, and the conscious and unconscious mind becomes in tune and aligned and the physical symptoms disappear.
    Show the person being more 'aware; of their feelings and using relaxation techniques.

    Does anyone else have any comments or anything they would like to add?
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  5. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Mike, great suggestions. Can't think of any to add.
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  6. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Caroline, Could this be a cartoon idea? It used to be I'd joke about how my exercise options kept getting more and more limited. So then I'd joke about me sitting in a wheelchair flexing my index finger for my work out. And then my index finger started hurting too. :eek::p:)

    That was pre TMS knowledge and I'm happy to report my options are expanding.
  7. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    That's a hoot, about flexing your index finger for exercise and it began to hurt.
    Your unconscious mind was really stretching to cause TMS pain there.
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  8. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    I thought that @Pandamonium used great visual imagery with cartoons in her success story here:

    That isn't an idea for a cartoon per se, but it was visual. Certainly, we've found that success stories are tremendously shareable because they make people feel good, which seems to be very important on social media, particularly Facebook. Periodically, we share success stories from the Thank You, Dr. Sarno project, and we always get a very positive reaction. Perhaps, with permission, you could make make cartoon versions of some of the success stories in our success stories subforum or the Thank You Dr Sarno project. If you did that, I bet it would be very viral, since people love graphics and they love inspiration when it comes to resharing things on Facebook.

    I could help you reach out to people to get their permission. Generally, about 90% of people are so happy to share that they will allow their first names to be used. Some are perfectly happy to use first and last name, but I have less experience with that because we never use last names in any of our projects - there just isn't a reason to from the perspective of our nonprofit.
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  9. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    North Star, that is a great idea, I am actually going through that as we speak lol... and yes you do have to become very creative :)
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  10. Caroline Rumur

    Caroline Rumur Well known member

    First of all, Thank you guys so much this is such great feedback!! I just told everyone here at the office your ideas and they are very excited!

    This cartoon is great!! I think I might share it on RUMUR's page to illustrate stress/pain. Also amazing ideas!! The cartoonist here, her name is Marie, btw, loves them! These are all really great, I like the angel and devil one. Perhaps on one shoulder the id and the other one the super-ego? I like the reservoir of anger one, perhaps we can show in the brain like a dam all this rage and then on the outside ready to fight or something similar? What do you think about a comic strip that follows around a character going through recovery and all the sort of funny ups and downs?

    Hey Eric,
    I love all of these ideas! I really like how the character has a facade on the outside and has inner conflict on the inside. I just talked to the cartoonist here and she thinks its a great idea. She was thinking a comic strip where you follow one character with his/her inner conflicts, what do you think? Do you think we should make things more funny or we can go with just cool graphics for you to share?

    North Star,
    That is hilarious!! Ok I just laughed out loud and Marie thinks so too!! Any more ideas would be fantastic!

    I agree, graphics are more shareable, It's like that saying, a picture says 100o words right? And I will look into the Thank you Dr.Sarno idea, I think that would be very cool!
  11. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Caroline,

    The id and super ego in conflict sounds like a fantastic idea.

    Yes that works with regards to the reservoir of rage, I know Dr Sarno referred to it as a prison with lots of unsavoury characters trying to break out, but if they did they would be so dangerous to ones conscious mind, so they are kept far back in our unconscious. You could probably show, that if we didn't repressed the emotion we could risk losing it with a loved on, so we repress the emotion to safe guard ourselves from hurting someone.

    I think, just by reading peoples TMS stories and looking back at it we have all tried things to alleviate pain, laying on ones back in the office, sleeping with a pillow between your knees (one I am doing at the moment!). I cant think of any others, but we have all done something a little whacky to manage the pain :)
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  12. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle


    How about a cartoon that shows how TMS pain makes no sense logically or medically? For example a person being told by a doctor he has a major back problem that will limit his mobility, but he's fine when doing something non-stressful and highly active like rock-climbing. But is in constant pain when sitting as his desk at work, or while sitting at the dining table during a Thanksgiving family reunion (not that that's happened to me:D).
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2014
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  13. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Ellen, fantastic, idea

    Also that when a person who suffers from TMS wakes up they have awful symptoms, but as the day goes on, the pain reduces.
    The reason being, is that when we sleep our conscious mind, is fast asleep, but our unconscious mind, is very wired and active.
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  14. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Another idea--

    I was once heard a therapist suggest writing a letter to one's TMS, so I wrote one as a "break-up letter". ( See post below) So perhaps a cartoon where TMS is that really bad boyfriend, who seemed like a good idea at first, but now just lies on your sofa eating Cheetoes all day while you go off to work. You know the one--and now he won't leave.

  15. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Ellen, that is a BRILLIANT letter!
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  16. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    You've mentioned clips, too. We've talked a bit about cartoons, but what sort of clips might be available?
  17. nowtimecoach

    nowtimecoach Well known member

    I have really enjoyed reading everyone's ideas. Maybe we should start a thread with the most outrageous things we've done to alleviate the TMS -pre TMS knowledge. Medically - mine was getting prolotherapy shots (The technique reactivates the healing process by injecting a mildly irritating substance ā€” commonly a somewhat concentrated sugar solution along with the painkiller lidocaine ā€” into the injured area to stimulate a temporary low-grade inflammation) Sometimes it worked via placebo but mostly it just cost me a lot of money!
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  18. Caroline Rumur

    Caroline Rumur Well known member

    mike2014-Thanks for all the good ideas! I like the prison characters thats cool! And I like all the funny things people do to reduce pain.

    Ellen-This is so funny!! Marie said she is going to make the cartoon where the person is doing extreme physical activity but then he sits down to type and is in terrible pain, today!!!! She is really excited, great idea!! And the letter idea is great too and in general was a great way help with TMS.

    Forest- I have a lot of clips for you guys! We have a lot of footage of Sarno but we can show it to anyone right now because Mr. and Mrs. Sarno have to approve of anything we show anyone outside of our production team. They haven't had the time to review the material yet.

    But we have a lot of great doctors and experts who that I have cut clips for, I am going to start posting them soon!

    nowtimecoach- I think this is a great idea! I am going to start that thread now and anyone who wants to please comment, that will be great cartoon!
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  19. Caroline Rumur

    Caroline Rumur Well known member

    Hey all! I just made a new thread inspired by @nowtimecoach so please post in that as well! :D

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