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Weakness and tingling

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Mtngal, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Mtngal

    Mtngal Well known member

    ok so I fell on ice in January, got bad thoracic pain and SI area was sore fore awhile and got better. Then had MRI. Big mistake. Had no low back or buttock symptoms at time of MRI. My TMS has always been thoracic. Long story short (I posted about this before) MRI showed mild spondylolisthesis but advanced spinal stenosis at level of spondylolisthesis (L4-5) and foraminal narrowing on right side. At that time I just had some mild tingling in left foot. So I thought that didn’t match. TMS. Ortho said “ at some point we could go in there and clean that out”, meaning the stenosis. Anyway I decided to just start running again and for couple months it was 90% better. So fast forward to about 3 weeks ago and I started getting buttock pain esp in the morning and after getting up after sitting, but would go away after being up and about. But then I’m having quite severe right leg tingling and weakness after getting up from sitting. Goes away after awhile and I even cont to jog, but with some buttock pain. What scares me is the leg symptoms. Could this really be real stenosis? Should I go
    Back to get 2nd opinion? It seems so structural and I don’t want to get to where my leg gives out. But no tingling while jogging. TMS???

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