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Walking in Self Control

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Throughout your day you will have many emotions that will feel not so worthy of being there. This is a great time to practice awareness, to become aware of your inner reactions. This will help you generate awareness.
    Then when you can get to the point that your aware of your inner thoughts of anger and distress, fear and anxiety you can think of them and focus on them with no judgement, fear or criticism. At first it wont feel right because this might be new territory for you but if you just feel the feelings and float at this time " Floating is when you don't fear or judge or criticize your emotions, don't tense or try to run from- just float and let the feeling, the emotion be in your body, in your skin -- then soon these emotions that you don't want or those that bother you will start to weaken because you are doing exactly what your body wants you to do now, you are feeling these emotions.
    And why does our body want us to feel these emotions? it's because you have something on your mind unconsciously, emotionally that you are not attending too. It's because you are worrying needless doubts and fears and so much more.
    The secret is to feel your feelings and then think what is it that I'm tensed up about or worried emotionally about or something I'm not attending too. These questions will get you to the source, then ask yourself why am I doing this, feeling sad thoughts or depressive thoughts or thoughts of anger toward an issue. At this time you can find the thought that is creating this negative emotion and reframe it. Reframing is a general word that means to look at something in a different perspective. Think of a situation in a different light. I mean most of the things we fear and worry over are either in the past and over or in the future and hasn't happened yet and scientifically speaking 80 percent of the time isn't going to happen. Reframe the negative to a thought line of the way you want a situation to be, do it with your imagination and then you will thank me for this.
    Then later if that thought arises again, if you have to, if it even comes back up, it won't be so hard to feel and reframe again and to find the why behind the feeling -- then soon you will be on a roll reframing your emotions and getting in touch with that part of you that has been trying to get your attention for years.
    Also another reason for being aware of our inner reactions is because when you are in pain or have anxiety then most reactions we have are negative. If you can react in a joyful way and break that negative reaction then you're well on your way to understanding this concept and how powerful it really is.
    Another reason for being aware of your inner reactions is we often say things that when thought of later we wish we would have never looked at it like that.
    By being aware of the words or thoughts we're about to have about an event or anything really, we can turn that distress into rest knowing that we're walking in self control and taking full control of all things we attract.

    Bless You

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