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Day 13 Vocal problems - anybody out there share these?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by dankat, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. dankat

    dankat New Member

    Hey folks -

    Working the program and enjoying it. Lots of journaling, and back issues seem to have relaxed a good bit. My vocal problems persist and have gotten worse lately as the demands on it have become greater. Anybody dealing with or had success in dealing with vocal strain?
  2. lazydaisy

    lazydaisy Peer Supporter

    Hi Dankat,

    I don't know if I have much to offer, since I'm very new around these parts, but I have noticed that my symptoms (jaw pain) have turned into a cough. I had a persistent cough for months last year - no reason could be found. I have also had a couple of coughing fits during therapy, so I'm pretty sure it's a TMS thing. Hopefully someone will come along in a bit who has more experience with vocal issues, but it would make sense to me that it's symptoms moving around.
  3. dankat

    dankat New Member

    Hey - thanks! Yeah, I think there's a TMS thing happening - certainly in regard to muscle spasms in my neck - the vocal folds themselves are another question, and an interesting one. I do indeed look forward to solving it! Thanks for your reply....

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