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Video of Dr. Sarno's presentation to patients?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by rmorrisette, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. rmorrisette

    rmorrisette New Member

    I have been trying to get an understanding of TMS and Dr. Sarno's work to get rid of chronic back pain and sciatica for over a year, so I can return to running without pain. As of yet, I haven't had success. I saw a mention in a YouTube video about TMS mentioning a video of Dr. Sarno's presentation to his patients that is now hard to find, and I thought maybe that would work since reading his books and reading and watching different things by all the proponents of TMS hasn't worked so far. Does anyone know where I can find this video? Also would welcome any stories of runners who had to stop because of back pain and sciatica that have been able to return to running by following this. This hasn't worked for me for over a year now, and sometimes I just say well Dr. Sarno says physical activity isn't dangerous and I'll try to run, and pay for it dearly in increased pain afterwards.
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi rmorrisette,

    Here is the link to buy this dvd lecture series. It is not cheap, but probably well worth it for you!

    https://www.healingbackpain.com (Healing Back Pain, Back Pain Relief, Tension Myositis Syndrome, Dr. Sarno)

    Also, I want you to know about the free programs offered here on the Wiki link above. It seems you're looking for more in-depth practice and guidance, and these are fee.

    Pain Recovery Program and Structured Education Program, as well as new series linked in this post, of podcasts. It may be time for you to engage in daily work of some kind, if you haven't already...

    https://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/the-ultimate-guide-to-somatic-tracking.23067/ (Alan Gordon - The Ultimate Guide to Somatic Tracking)

  3. PainNoMore

    PainNoMore Peer Supporter

    they still sell the VHS :p

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