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Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Lojos, Sep 7, 2022.

  1. Lojos

    Lojos New Member

    Has anyone here healed from vertigo and what helped them the most please?
    I originally had BPPV 2years ago and was in hospital for a week.Then I had a recurrence last year and worked with a vestibular audiologist on balancing .
    Now for the last month I have it again and have fallen over a few times.I have done the 2manouvres to restore the balance but whereas I was having the dizziness on lying down on the bed it has happened just lying still and not moving my head,although it is much milder the room isn’t spinning so quickly.
    Except for one day in bed I have not let it interfere with my life and very slowly go about my day-I am 77.
    I have never had a headache ever and there is now an unusual feeling on the right side of my head.
    I have spondylolisthesis but that now is of no concern.
    I reassure myself it isn’t dangerous (the vertigo) but I maybe unconsciously afraid that I might hurt myself when I fall over.

    thoughts please?

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