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Vacation anxiety and pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Mitch, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Mitch

    Mitch Peer Supporter

    Have been good for a couple weeks from low back pain and sciatica.
    Been hiking and staying active. Played some soccer yesterday and today I’m moving like a mummy. My left hip and low back feel like they’re going to spasm. I’m off on vacation and have a family trip to the beach coming up on Monday out of the country. I strongly feel that has something to do with my TMS this time. Maybe I’m unconsciously anxious and or worried about the trip?
    Last time I had a trip like this my low back spasm and ruined my trip.
  2. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    Yes, it happens, vacation is coming and pain also. It’s not unusual. I for my part have simply problems with relaxing. I can get incredibly nervous when doing nothing work related. Others feel the pressure of having the perfect holiday with family and friends. I would say to keep calm, think about how you feel about the vacation. You might really be afraid that you experience again pain like with your last trip. My experience is that TMS does incredible things and that one should not expect anything. Even not pain! You can go on vacation and have no pain! That’s for sure!
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  3. Lynn S

    Lynn S Peer Supporter

    I’ve been working on the issue of my entire identity revolved around work seriously since 2008. I was advised at that time to take serious action for my well being.

    I wish you the best with your vacation. Maybe for the long term plan you can consider giving yourself one hour a week of relaxation.

    Peace and blessings to you.
  4. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    Hi Lynn S, you are right! And I take action. Now I ‘allow’ myself to sometimes have free weekend. And being more selective about work. You learned your lesson? How did you manage it?
  5. Lynn S

    Lynn S Peer Supporter

    I had good intentions to change my life. However, it all boiled down to me doing whatever I had to do hold onto my old lifestyle for as long as I could just like my other addictions.

    Sometimes change happens in spite of ourselves. I was brought down with severe medical conditions that also led to the preparation of giving up my business after fifteen years. Three years past the medical recovery and two years out of business I still wonder if I’m really paying attention.

    There was life after that life. I never imagined I’d be living in Thailand. My concern is the medical conditions that have kept me off of my feet.

    Enough of me. Celebrate any victories and stay open to your intuition. When is your vacation? How are you doing now?
  6. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    Thanks Lynn S! It’s difficult to let go, I know. It sounds to me that you are a courageous person facing realities. You are right, sometimes life makes strange moves.
    At the moment I have the flu. And it’s the time with lots of exams. Usually I have the flu when the exams are over, but this time not. It’s a reaction to stress and I don’t do well with sudden weather changes. But I am fine, no pain and this is a bit of an achievement because I had lots of trouble at work. My vacation starts in three weeks. But the next weeks are going to be nice and quiet ... and you?
  7. BinLA

    BinLA Peer Supporter

    I've had versions of this. Usually GI related. Anxiety flare-ups, etc. All before vacations.

    For the first 3-4 years of stress disorder I couldn't even go on a vacation. Then I worked my way up to going on one... then multiple small ones per year.
    Have had some good ones, always have fun... but the system always protests. I don't know if it's nervousness, general anticipation or what. I am always looking forward to them, never dreading them.

    I do have one theory that when you go on vacation... others are depending on you usually. So, if you're a person that deals with symptoms... there is a subconcios need to "be well" so you can "perform" ... so to speak. (Running around, enjoying, sight seeing, etc.) If you're not well, other people may have their trip ruined. For me, I think there may be something similar to that going on.

    So, it just takes more practice... and patience. I always end up having a good time. But it can be tricky.
  8. Lynn S

    Lynn S Peer Supporter

    I said ohhh nooo when I read you have the flu. It's funny you know your body like clockwork.

    I mentioned I wonder if I'm really paying attention because eight weeks into recovery from torn meniscus surgery I fell and broke the same leg. It's been two weeks since that surgery and it's a full time job keeping my attention where it needs to be emotionally more than anything else.

    Yesterday was my one year Anniversary my Wife and I opened in Thailand. It was quite a shock that we discussed closing it down before we repeat the same cycle of our last business that we're still recovering from. , It's been amazing, however, still a business that comes with stress. We shall see.

    Take care and let's rewrite some stories.

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