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UTI Pelvic pain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by emporeon027, Jul 12, 2022.

  1. emporeon027

    emporeon027 Peer Supporter

    Hello there. Long time not see.

    But im back with a little distress.

    Last time i was here i was dealing with IBS related sensations. Then I joined the circus lol (not quite literaly) you see i started to train aerial silk and was like magic for me. like turn off the ibs botton for a while but then all my pains came back lol. any how some months past and i got my selft a girlfriend after along time. One of my symptomps was ED eréctil disfuntion or at least a mild one. with her well that impruved a lot meaning that i needed some love in my life.

    But after some week she got a UTI infection at the begging was nothing to me but i started to have pelvic symptoms ones more, some times lower abs pain, pen1s pain. frequein urination, then i went to the lab and did a urine test to make sure before taking any medication and came clean, i relaxed and the symptomps went await. after this weekend we have intercourse againg and almost after i started with the sensations again. but this time i have a mild irritation also. so i went to my MD. and prescripme with some doxiciline and other pills for bacterial and fungis infection. and well you can guess my emotional stage from that moment

    CPPS was my first and most disstreted symptomps gone with sertranline that was one of my first clue that i dindt have any damage in my body. but now even with the test clean my doc suspect some bacterial is going on. and well there is some sing of an infection at least a fungi one. my issue is that idk now to act this time like i took the medication and wait to see it how it will evole. but if doest? more test need to be done ones more? hes sure that that wont be the case ( he is not a tms doctor but he is very familiar with my psicosomatic illness in the past years so it makes me feel safe to go with him but this time wanst the case). any one here has experience an incrise of symptomps just with uti? and has evole well with medicine? ar all was due to TMS? like was for me in the past? or both? all started with an infection and then tms keeps in?
  2. dharn999

    dharn999 Well known member

    Sorry you’re going through all this, I’m no expert in TMS or any medical field but the unfortunate thing that usually has to happen is you need to eliminate any doubt about what is going on. So if that means rule out all the possibilities first then so be it, because if you have any doubt on the situation then most likely the symptoms continue. But hopefully things resolve themselves and you’re back to normal in no time. Hope you’re doing well and are alright

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