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Day 10 ups and downs

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Wolf24, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Wolf24

    Wolf24 New Member

    As a part of Day 10 I was asked to make a brief post about how you are doing with treatment. I haven't posted since Day 1 but thought today would be a good day to do so.

    I have definitely had my ups and downs since starting the SEP, as I have had since discovering TMS in November. I was fortunate to have the last few weeks off from work but unfortunately have not gotten much better. I know I have TMS but there must be some small part of me that still thinks I don't, as I can't seem to get steady progress. There have been brief moments over the last few weeks where it was almost like the sky parted and maybe for like 1o-15 minutes I didn't notice any pain. Nothing special going on at that time just something I noticed.

    I try not to concentrate on the pain when it increases as I know it feeds the beast. I also have been trying to look internally when the pain comes to see what emotion may be occurring but am not having much luck there.

    I really do think stress for me is a major component and now is wrapped up in conditioning. Every time something becomes frustrating: work, housework, computer related, etc., the pain goes up.

    I have seen on the TMS WIKI some have had success with hypnosis. My therapist thought this may be good for me (She thinks I would be receptive to the power of suggestion) but has not been able to provide me anyone to date as of yet that does it.

    Thank you all.
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Wolf24,

    I appreciate your update. I might make some suggestions, with respect.

    To the degree you can witness the increased pain with stress ---without having to fix this--- you are making progress. You are contemplating the real cause of your pain. In this situation, you might deepen this by asking yourself "In this stressful situation, how might my Inner Child feel?" You can take your pain responses to stress, and not fret about this, and in fact go deeper with your inquiry. Again, trying not to "fix" so much as understand, see through the process to more truth about the real causes of pain.

    Great to not "feed the beast!"

    Simply turning your mind to what feelings might not want to be felt opens the door to feel more and stuff less, in my experience. So even if you don't feel you have the perfect emotional answer to the cause of the pain, the process of inquiry is most, perhaps just as important.

    For hypnosis this person may work long distance. She can create a recording, customized to your request re TMS. If you use her, please send me a note about your experience. I used her locally, and thought she was good. Teja is her name. She has training in pain work, but not specifically TMS. Just tell her what you want.

    https://tejashankarahypnotherapy.wordpress.com/ (~~~~~~ Teja Shankara Hypnotherapy ~~~~~~ with Teja Shankara, CCHt)

    Good luck in your work. Try to be patient, and loving to yourself, and trust that your doubts will evaporate as you experience more relief.

    Andy B
  3. Wolf24

    Wolf24 New Member

    Thanks Andy. I appreciate all the good advice and will definitely look into the hypnotherapy person you provided. My lack of patience has always been an issue so I will definitely try to heed your words and also keep inquiring into my emotions and inner self. I know I will unlock those emotions soon enough and hopefully the relief will just come spilling out.

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