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Update and Needing Urgent Feedback

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Jules, May 17, 2018.

  1. Jules

    Jules Well known member

    Since last posting here, a number of things have come up that I need some clarification on or at least some feedback on. I had decided that I was going to quit all the TMS therapy and just focus on living. However, close to a month ago, I ended up with a really bad bout of gastritis that got me scared thinking that I had a small bowel obstruction. I had loose bowels, major pain and trapped gas. There have been some emotional things that have happened, albeit good ones. My grandson was born two weeks ago, and the day before that, was my son’s birthday. Yesterday was my daughter‘s birthday. Both of these births were very traumatic, because of the complications during and after birth. Ironically, this is also the same time I also had major surgeries in order to save my life and that of my children’s, but that started all this chronic pain. So, I know scar tissue is involved, just not sure to what extent.

    I have always had adhesions, sometimes the pain is worse than other times. However, I felt like this time, adhesions were really causing some issues with my bowels, and did some digging to try and figure out a non-surgical solution. This is when I came upon Clear Passage Therapies, where they do very gentle deep tissue massage to help break up adhesions or scar tissue. Upon talking to the director, she asked me about other traumas that have happened, particularly in the car accidents. I had one when I was 17, and several years later, is when I developed issues with my ribs, alongside my pelvic pain, back pain, hip pain, etc. I had a front and back and bilateral whiplash that change the curvature of my neck. As you know or at least most of you know, I have had a separated shoulder that led to a frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel, yada yada, just in the last year.

    This therapist thought that she could pinpoint or at least attribute most of my chronic pain to scar tissue development in all those areas I have been injured. That makes sense, however, since learning about this, my pain has gotten worse. Granted, the fear of having a bowel obstruction has fueled my anxiety and of course, pain. I’ve always had pelvic pain rear its head, and usually when the IBS gets bad, because the adhesions have built back up again. Still, there is one thing that is bothering me - I rarely had the pelvic pain last year, but had all the shoulder pain. Now, the shoulder pain is doing much better, unless I overdo it on the computer with the mouse and pulling my arm out and away from my side, which if its scar tissue, would be pulling on the muscles and nerves.

    I can feel the scar tissue, and when its inflamed, I am in a lot of pain. So, my confusion comes in with this being both TMS and a mechanical problem, resulting from scar tissue, and if doing this therapy will help both. I also have been trying to find another job to supplement my husband’s income and get me out of the house...and my head, and just had a grueling two hour interview for a managerial position that went very well. My dilemma is also that I need this job to pay for this out-of-state therapy, but if I get it, I’m nervous about being able to put 100% into it, as I am right now. But, if I don’t get it, we have to somehow come up with the money to get the therapy. Its a catch-22.

    So, whether this is TMS manifesting as mechanical or at least hijacking the mechanical to keep TMS going or not, I need relief. This is no longer pain that I can manage, but pain that can result in adhered organs causing life - threatening situations. So, have any of you had issues with scar tissue - that you know of - and does any of this make sense to you?

    I can’t help but think some of this is TMS taking advantage of the mechanical problem.
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  2. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    Dear Jules, sorry that you are not doing so well. The pelvic pain stuff sounds to me like symptom imperative. The pain shifted. I am not so sure about these adhesions and the scar tissue. My mother had pain from scar tissue after hysterectomy and after some years they had to remove scar tissue and organ adhesions. But then it was totally okay. Have you seen a proper doctor who evaluates if there are medical problems with your scar tissue? Especially if you think it could be life-threatening!
    Gastritis is very common. A few days of eating bland food, maybe prescribed medicine should do the trick.
    So, I am not sure if all this is medically connected. I would see a doctor to sort out this scar tissue issue. Maybe there is much better solution than this obviously expensive therapy you try now.
    and of course: try to calm down! don't catastrophize! Take one step after the other!
  3. Ritzter

    Ritzter New Member

    So sorry you are having pain issues. I too have pelvic pain for 7 years now and abdominal adhesion's from 2 c-sections years ago. I have a PT that is manually breaking up the scar tissue.If a Dr goes in and surgically removes the scar tissue your body will lay down more scar tissue due to that surgery. My scar tissue is adhered to all my abdominal organs pulling on muscles and organs. The scar tissue was adhered to my diaphragm and I had trouble breathing. That now has been freed up through the work I am having done.I have had muscle/skeletal issues for years even before the pelvic pain started. I have tight pelvic floor muscles squeezing the nerves that run through these muscles causing extreme pain. You might want to look for a PT that just works with scar tissue or pelvic floor issues. They are difficult to find. I have stopped treatments before to allow my life be more normal with working and such. I am just now going through this program, started 2 days ago. I have always believed that the mind can do a number on the physical body. So, I will wait and see just how many repressed emotions are the cause of my physical issues. Pain takes over and its all you can do to survive day to day. I hope that you can find what works for you. Follow what your intuition is telling you.
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  4. untangledweb

    untangledweb Peer Supporter

    I don’t know where you live, but if you can find a PT who practices John Barnes, Myofacial Release. It will benefit you not only physically, but the old stuck emotions effortlessly pour out. It’s a trip! I highly recommend it.
    p s
    I’ve had bilateral frozen shoulders and it was way before learning of TMS. It’s so fricking painful. I’m so sorry.

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