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Update after finishing the program, new attitude

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by moni-violet, May 31, 2017.

  1. moni-violet

    moni-violet New Member

    Hello ! just a little update on my progress with the program…

    I started the program almost 3 months ago. I did everything, following the different days of the program up to the 5th. week. But, the 6th. week took me over a month to finish !

    The pain hasn’t gone away but my attitude towards it is different now and I’ve learnt to see it from a psychological perspective.

    A couple of weeks ago I had very bad lower back and legs pain, it was a long time since I had it so strong. It lasted only a few hours before I started to feel some relief.

    What I did? While in pain in bed, I managed to get up for some minutes and went to my journal and even though it was hard, I did saw the event from a psychological view and did not give in for a physical explanation.

    I did my journaling on why I felt I was having that pain, had some Ibuprofen and returned to bed. After a few hours I started feeling relieved and after a few days the strong pain was gone.

    I still have pain but it is not that bad and I manage to keep moving and doing things trying not to be afraid of injuring further ( like I felt before Sarno )

    Also, a few days ago I tripped on a board and there was intense pain on my toes and feet, then went up to my legs.

    This event caused me to feel depressed and to think “now it is physical”. But I did my best to remember what Sarno says that the body heals.

    I did a lot of meditation and I strongly advise those that are starting with the program, to not only do all the psychological work but also connect with your faith/religion. In my case it is self discovery and meditation. Prayer or other practices to connect with God and ask for help/assistance to the Universe…

    Now, after a few days, the pain in my feet is receding. I choose to believe that my body is healing from the injury.

    Before the accident with my feet I must tell you that something very important came to consciousness, I mean, one day after I had a couple of dreams, I realized that there was a “feeling” I did not know that existed. This discovery shocked me strongly at first and took me a week to understand and I’m still working on it.

    It has to do with a difficult ( maybe traumatic) relationship I had over 20 years ago, that I thought was healed.( I feel uncomfortable to go on details right now.)

    I am convinced that this “discovery” came up after all the journaling I’ve been doing. And maybe the mind somehow brought this feet pain to distract me from feeling the emotions ?

    Things, feelings and past events look clearer now. I thought on seeing a therapist if I can’t go pass these memories, but I’m dealing with them well for now, and actually what stops me from seeing a psychologist is a financial issue.

    Sorry my description of events does not have much order, but if I think too much on what or how to write I will end up not posting my update. (and English is my second language :))

    I will keep coming to the site and posting updates as I go.

    Thank you for your help all this time and for the information on the site!!! Thank you so much !!!
  2. healingfromchronicpain

    healingfromchronicpain Well known member

    Thanks for posting your update!!
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  3. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thanks for the update! I think you are building a strong foundation for continued relief, and more relief over time.

    This seems so right-on! I hope this contemplation goes deeper and deeper, about what the true cause of your pain was/is.
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  4. moni-violet

    moni-violet New Member

    Thank you Andy B, I will keep contemplating things in this way and will share anything that I consider could be useful for others.

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