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Unusual Symptoms during recovery - Please advise

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by ysp, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. ysp

    ysp New Member

    I’m a happily married 45 year old woman, over-weight, 6 kids, and a busy busy life with a 26 year history of chronic back pain, pain in-general and anxiety. I read Healing Back pain about 9 weeks ago. Within the first few days my pain had greatly subsided. Within two weeks I was completely pain free. I took the book very seriously and every time there was a new ache, I told myself it was physiological and tried to find out what was bothering me. In addition, I realized that if the brain could do this, then it is capable of creating all other kinds of physical and mental problems to distract the mind from dealing with painful issues; so I started using the same technique on my anxiety. Soon, I was feeling good, happy energized, in love w/ my life, enjoying my kids and husband in a way I can’t remember ever experiencing.
    Then something bizarre started happening (which is why I am writing this anonymously). My libido went absolutely haywire. For six weeks I have been in a non-stop state of desire. I also have been feeling extremely euphoric, and hyper/energetic. At first, I couldn't have been happier, but as time goes on, (I was still in such a state even through my period) I’m becoming increasingly afraid that I’m having a manic episode. No, I’m not doing anything risky other than waiting for the kids to go to sleep and then making out on the couch (w/ my husband, of course.) I have never had any symptoms of mania before, although I have certainly had some depression at difficult times in my life. I've been to see my GP and got a full work up for vit./minerals, thyroid, hormones, and the regular sugar, cholesterol, white and red blood counts etc… and everything came back normal.
    I want to ask if this could be a normal effect of… healing or of unblocking years of pent up, un-dealt w/ emotions. Have you heard of this happening with Dr. Sarno’s treatments? Or should I seek psychiatric help because it’s just too much?
    Thanks for you consideration,
    Happy but confused
  2. Lori

    Lori Well known member

    For the first part of your post, I agree that if our brains can cause conditions, it can certainly heal them too.

    I think if this current desire level concerns you, perhaps speak to your ob/gyn?
  3. ysp

    ysp New Member

    Thanks, Did and doing that. Exploring all possibilities. Just looking for some way to determine if it's normal or something off the scope that needs attention. I'm realizing that this too is controllable. I can make it go away or come back at will. In the beginning, I thought it was just happening to me. Now... not sure.

    It's so strange when life changes.

    I assume that since there wasn't much traction to my topic, that it's a bit of a hot potato that no one wants to touch, not to mention uncommon- can't blame anyone for that. I wouldn't touch a mental health issue either. I think I'll just wait for the consensus of the OBGYN and GP and see if they test further, refer out to a mental health professional or just send me home with a mazel tov and tell me to just stop worrying. I'm hoping for the latter.

    But, I'm still interested if anyone has heard of anything like it. So, please post if you have any insights.
  4. gailnyc

    gailnyc Well known member

    Is it possible that this is another symptom (though a pleasurable one) that is helping to distract you? Especially now that it is causing you worry?
  5. ysp

    ysp New Member

    Yes, I suppose it could be.

    But that would be a fascinating trick of the mind. " Can't get you w/pain, now let's try pleasure" It certainly is distracting.

    It's embarrassing to talk about and I am worrying that this "good" thing in may life is just an other disguise for some underling something else "bad" thing. Which does make is seem like a prime candidate for another symptom.

    Well... That's laughable, and I have been laughing a lot lately.

    I'll try some TMS techniques on it and see if it calms down more. I'll keep ya posted.
  6. ysp

    ysp New Member

    By the way, gailnyc, that was a very clever insight. Thank You.
  7. RikR

    RikR Well known member

    Anxiety makes us over focus on anything unusual and turns it into a fear/concern. Then it tell us it is permanent and the concerns builds. Just look on it as a temporary adjustment and enjoy the ride.....unless you start attacking the mail man ;-}
  8. ysp

    ysp New Member

    lol, thanks for the advise.
    I'm not interested in the mail man. I've got the real thing.

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