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Day 6 Unsure about TMS 'vs' physical...!

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by UkAdR, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. UkAdR

    UkAdR Peer Supporter

    Hi all.

    First thanks to those people who have commented on my previous SEP posts - its really great to see people are reading them and trying to help :)

    Day 6 mentioned to journal about TMS if you were feeling unsure about it. I try and free write when journalling and then don't edit, so apologies for any strange inconsistencies:

    Day 6 Journal – doubts about TMS
    Ever since I read the healing back pain book this time I have been feeling like there is more to it than I first thought. Reading the success stories online, and reading the amazon reviews of the book are very inspiring, but its wrong to say that I still don’t have doubts in my mind. This week I am hoping to have a skype call with a TMS doctor to discuss some of these feelings and hopefully get a better grasp as to whether my back pain is linked to TMS or not.
    The main reasons why I don’t think it is, is that when I read most of the stories people say that they had periods where they didn’t have any pain at all, and then it would come back (before learning about TMS), and this is not like me. I cannot remember ever not having the pain. Yes the pain has moved around my hips and moved from side to side, but it has always been in the middle of my lower back, especially when I am sitting down. Sitting on a plane now? No thank you! But then again, there is the fact that for as long as I can remember going to doctors about this, I would say its on the right, but I remember it was worse on the left before. Or its on the left, but sometimes it feels worse on the right. Surely this is a mega tell tale sign of TMS? It would be easy to understand if not for the back up thought of having the middle back pain – the pain that feels exactly how I would expect the pain to feel if my degenerated L5-S1 disc were being crushed, and was having pressure placed on it. When I arch my back and think about pushing the disc down, it hurts. Would it if this was TMS?
    And this new pain in my upper back, shoulders and forearms?? What the feck??? Surely TMS – it moves everywhere! One hour my forearms are hurting, the next middle of my upper back. Told two doctors now over the last two weeks, a chiropractor and a massage therapist, and all their reactions? Puzzlement. Great, thanks!!! You are the professionals and you are supposed to be helping me and telling me what is wrong! Why is it that I am working as a teacher and can do my job well, but when I need help its still up to me to provide it or myself??? Just wrong.
    Maybe I do have TMS back pain, maybe I don’t. I am hoping that by doing all these exercises I am going to be able to convince myself that it is, lose the fear of doing more physical activities to try and back up the diagnosis. If only the pain weren’t flaring up a little every day to push those nagging images of that MRI scan back into my brain and remind me that its my disc and the doctor has said that an option is to get it fused.
  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    UkadR I had back pain for 25 years, and as far as I could tell it stayed there. But when I did the tms Knowledge therapy it healed. So you have a guru that is saying yes you more than likely have tms. The only other option as far as I know would be cancer and you don't have that so give up the structural fight with reconditioning over time ok. You will go on and do this program all the way through and the less you focus on the pain and the less you don't fear the pain and the more you find ways to make yourself happy and let lifes pressures go then the more you will begin to feel better ok.


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